Thursday, March 13, 2008


Nearly two and a half years, 500 posts. When I started this blog, I don't know if I believed I'd ever get to this point. I've found lots of cool blogs, made some good friends, and rediscovered my voice as a writer. I no longer believe that I'm incapable of writing about personal things, or unable to write nonfiction. I've kept a journal since my 8th birthday, but during college there were lots of lapses--whole months and vastly important events missing. Sitting down to write took time, time that I never seemed to have. Having readers, even just a few, seems to have made all the difference in my motivation levels. For that, thanks to everyone who takes time to read the words I post here, and extra thanks to those who toss their comments into the mix. I appreciate you more than I can express.

And now...


  1. I'm in yer burthdeh... eatin yur caek. ;)

    happy day, you. i announced this august event to Raisincranz and Guldens-stern. Alas, for gerbils do not take me seriously, and refused to sing along to Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy posting!This whole blogging thing is kind of amazing isnt it?

  3. That cat is awesome. Best wishes to you :)

    I'm here from the Ultimate Blog Party btw; stop by my party in southern Italy when you get a chance:

    Bleeding Espresso