Friday, August 08, 2008

It's on like Donkey Kong

In a scant 7 hours (OMG I need to go to bed NOW), I will be setting out on my mini road trip to Ohio. I am suuuuuuuuuper excited, and a little antsy that I'm forgetting to pack something really important.

While I'm on the road, I'm also going to be participating in a traveling journal project. I am preparing to embarrass myself by taking snapshots of a tiny plastic monkey having adventures across three states.

I'm ridiculously excited about the friends I will see on my trip, though I know I am going to miss my rotten pets, and my mostly non-rotten husband. I met said husband eight years ago yesterday and married him four years ago yesterday. I wouldn't trade him for anything. Love x 3 to FP from ST!

I'll be toting my laptop along to the hotel, but most likely will not have much time to hit my Google reader or comment on blogs, so please don't think I've callously abandoned you if you don't see me around over the next week or so! And, embarrassingly, I'll be attempting to keep up a play-by-play of the trip on Twitter.

Peace out, and talk to you soon!


  1. I am still incredibly jealous of your trip and cannot wait to hear all about it. I hope you pass on loads of big sloppy kisses to those folks who I know and those I don't? Well, ya know, kiss them if you need to.


  2. Ooh, yay, happy anniversary!