Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mystery Photo #2


  1. UntamedShrew4:37 PM

    This is a photo of the CHAIR TO THE STARS, a ride at an Oklahoma roadside attraction that also advertised "WORLD'S LARGEST RAT" and "ALLIGATOR WRESTLING." The CHAIR TO THE STARS squeaked a lot and the metal seats nearly burned trenches into the backs of your thighs after sitting in the sun all day.

    You spent a lot of the slow creaky ascent and descent trying to decide which of the kids coming out of the gate as you were coming in was responsible for wiping the really huge glob of mucous onto the grip bar of your chair.

  2. hmm, a chairlift with no snow. so where have you been that people ski? i'm not figuring you for vale. i'm guessing paoli, since that's the only ski place that i know someone i know has been out of season, although they had the lifts off and he and all the other sweaty ravers had to climb.

  3. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Chain Of Rocks

    I almost fell off those damn things in around 1972

  4. It appears to be the chairlift to my Fortress of Not-Terribly-Evil-But-Nonetheless-Evil. I think the yellow really brightens up the place.