Monday, September 15, 2008

A dorky little contest

I'm not taking my laptop with me on my trip, but I didn't like the idea of leaving my poor blog bare and alone for an entire week. And so! My blog is going to host a dorky little contest while I'm away.

Each day, the blog will magically post a mystery photo from a trip I have taken in the past. A small disclaimer before we start:  most of these photos were taken pre-digital age, and then I had to photograph the prints since my scanner hates Vista. Just think of it as part of the challenge! Or something! Some of the locations will probably be pretty damn easy, especially if you've been reading this blog for a while. Others will be a bit more challenging, though I tried not to pick anything really impossible. No two photos were taken in the same place, most were taken before this blog existed, and they're not going to be posted in any special order.

Leave comments guessing where the photo was taken, being as specific, as vague, or as humorous as you wish. When I get back, somebody will win a prize brought all the way from Alaska. (Please understand it will probably be a dorky little prize, since I'm a dork and my souvenir budget is already pretty small.) (Also, I don't really know how the winner will be chosen, but I'm sure MB and I will find a way to reward accuracy, frequency of participation, and sense of humor.)

Good luck, and here's the first photo:


  1. I'ma gonna guess San Fransisco. And I'm not being humorous since it's Monday, and me too sleepy to be funny.

  2. UntamedShrew6:01 PM

    Alcatraz. From the dock where we waited for the ship to get there. Freezing our butts off. But mine came back.

  3. It's Alcatraz! That place we DIDN'T GET TO VISIT. :(

    Have a great trip - I'm so sorry I didn't get your emails until I was back in London today and you were already in Alaska.


  4. I was going to guess Maine, but I think these other folks are right.

  5. The Blueness leads me to believe you visited Neptune.