Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend warriors

I know I owe you guys some Alaska recaps, and I promise I'll get to them soon. I thought I'd have a chance this weekend, but it turned out we had a lot of other stuff to do.

On Friday after work, I took Indy back to the trail we visited two weekends ago. We had a nice walk, and on the way back we saw a doe and her gangly teenaged fawn, only a bit bigger than Indy. Indy was all, "OMG! Tall skinny dogs!" and the deer were all, "OMG! A little black coyote wearing a backpack!" After we left the woods and were back on the road, we ran into a pair of guys with a tiny dog and a kitten on leashes. Indy was utterly fascinated (it was pretty peculiar, I have to admit).

Saturday was a big day for Indy. He got to hang out in the yard and watch MB and me rip out grass and old mulch from a big overgrown planting bed in front of the house. It took for-freaking-ever, but it looks pretty nice now. No more two-foot-tall weeds making our house look all crappy in front of the neighbors' fancy manicured landscaping. In the afternoon, we took Indy out for a hotdog at Culver's, and then went to the crunchy hippie pet store, where he did all his tricks for a cookie and charmed the staff. Once we got home I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more, which wasn't exactly fun, but was rather satisfying (until both pets did their best to shed enough overnight that it looked like I hadn't swept at all).

Today we took the pooch to a nearby state park that has a pet trail. As I suspected he'd be, Indy was a total champ, even on the really big hills:

I finally got a photo of Indy drinking from a bottle--probably his neatest and most convenient trick:

In the first few weeks we had Indy, we met a guy around the corner who had a golden retriever. He told us that he'd taught his dog to drink out of a sports bottle, and we decided to give it a try. Not having to carry a dish is nice, and Indy is pretty damn cute slurping water out of his squirt bottle.

I met Danger at Goodwill after lunch and found a cool end table to put beside the couch. We won't have to drag a dining room chair over to put drinks on anymore! Yay!

I also nabbed some cute spawngear, including this ridiculously awesome sweater:

So what did you do this weekend? Anything fun?

Reading:  Three Bags Full:  A Sheep Detective Story by Leonie Swann

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