Monday, November 10, 2008

Twinkle twinkle, little AIIEEE!

As long time readers of this blog know, my close group of friends celebrates the holiday season each year with our Thanksmas Eve party, a tradition that probably deserves a post all to itself. Several years back, someone suggested that to save money and reduce the amount of stuff we were all accumulating at disturbing rates, we stop buying individual gifts for everyone in the group. Instead, it was put forth, why not bring something small, inexpensive, and home-made for each person? We went with it, and now each year I look forward to coming up with a cool ornament concept.

Two years ago, I made beaded snowflakes from an old kit my mom found while cleaning out her craft room:

Last year I adapted a paper Chinese lantern craft I saw someone do at work and made mini paper ornaments:

But this year, I'm totally stumped. I am stuck for ideas, and I need to get started soon if I want to have any hope of finishing them in time. I poked around on Etsy a little bit tonight, and learned that I am vastly, tragically outclassed when it comes to making ornaments.

I suppose it could be worse. I could be making squirrel paw earrings for all my pals, or anatomically correct stripper sock monkeys, or whatever the fuck this thing is (seriously, that is some freaky shit).

So let's just hope I come up with a good idea soon, lest my work be featured on the hilarious (if sometimes scarring) craftastrophe. It's not looking good, far the best option I've got is this soul-eating "twinkle star" thing:



  1. Untamed Shrew1:27 PM

    little felt stockings with a piece of candy in each.


    Candy canes made of pipe cleaners.

    All the wonderful retro stuff you sent me, cut into squares and surrounded with glitter. Should I send it back?

  2. A couple of years ago I made star books for my friends. They're really adorable!

    Those are OK instructions, but if you want something more I could probably put together a picture tutorial for you of how I make my own. Let me know! Email me at

  3. so help me, if you give me anything covered in glitter i'll have to hurt you.