Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why am I not surprised?

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

For signs of your cat plotting to kill you, visit this informative site. For example, did you know that kneading is not a sign of affection? Oh, no. Your cat is checking your internal organs for signs of weakness.

"Is not bomb...sware!"


  1. I only have a 78% chance that my cat's trying to kill me... whew!

  2. For Max: 82%

    For Milo: 80%

    I can't say Max's result surprises me, but Milo...he doesn't have a mean bone in him ('cept for towards the dog). He's been killing me with his kindness...

  3. The quiz rates Imp at 85%, but I think he's far more devious. I mean, that's the reason he's named as he is...making sure the blood is flowing properly in my neck before he pierces the jugular...and he's pretty good at kicking the litter around...

  4. only 89%?? I would've guessed a higher number, especially since Indy has now joined the household.

  5. 98%. But he is the Evil Ninja Assassin Cat, so I expected no less.