Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bang Bang

I never intended to take such a long break after November ended. I was hoping to coast through December on leftover NaBloPoMo motivation, but clearly things did not work out. Oh, well. I was going to post about the best piece of mail I've received this year, but I left it in the other room and the cat is asleep on my lap (and left arm), so it'll have to wait until another time. Instead, here's a handy bulleted list of things that are kicking around in my head right now:

>> Two days after I got the Christmas tree up and decorated (which took several hours), the top string of lights stopped working. Oh, I was pissy. PISS-AY. I sulked about it for a few days, and then this afternoon I managed to put a new string of lights onto the tree without having to take the ornaments and garland off first. WIN! I started to take the dead string off, but then my dad pointed out that I might as well not bother, which was a damn fine point. Thanks, Dad!

>> Indy went to the "salon" today (I appreciate your grooming services, Petsmart, but I still refuse to call it a "salon" with a straight face) to get a bath and a brush-out. When I picked him up, the "stylist" said that he was good. "There's just one thing," she said apologetically. "There's a bit of a campfire smell? We tried every shampoo we had, and nothing worked." I told her it was fine, though I should've told her that we had smoked the dog to preserve his delicious flavor. (The chimney's getting inspected and cleaned next week, so hopefully next time we use the fireplace it won't make the whole family smell like we live in a smokehouse.)

>> After I picked Indy up at Petsmart, we went to the crunchy hippie pet store to get some stuff we needed. They were having a holiday open house with free treat bags and a pet photographer on hand. They were offering 5x7 photos for only $6 and some of the profits went to a pet-related charity, so I figured we'd give it a shot. And wouldn't you know it, Indy acted like a fashion model. He hopped right up on the little bench and did perfect "Abuh?" head tilts for the camera. Perhaps he was paying attention during all those episodes of America's Next Top Model that I watched. Congratulations, Indy. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Dogmodel.

>> Remember that book that I accidentally gave back to the library before I was finished with it? I found it in my bag two days later. Yeah. So apparently I put it in there so I wouldn't take it back by mistake, and promptly forgot that I'd done that and became convinced that I'd taken it back by mistake. FAIL.

>> It was a really good book, though, and I'm glad I hadn't actually returned it.

>> I have barely started our Christmas shopping, and I'm beginning to feel low-level panic when I think about it. Mostly I try not to think about it, because that's clearly the best way to deal with the problem.

>> I'm thinking about chopping my hair off this month for Locks of Love and change of pace. I'd super hugely appreciate ideas for a new 'do, with the following kept in mind: I have naturally curly hair, and don't want to have to use a straightening iron to make it behave. I'd prefer not to have to use a bunch of product. Being able to put my hair in a ponytail in a pinch is an absolute must. Edited to add:  Also, absolutely NO bangs.

Time for bed, finally! xo!


  1. the part about christmas shopping? okay, replace the word "barely" with the phrase "totally not," and that's where i am.

  2. Indy would have to beat out Clara Bow on America's Next Top Dog Model, though, and that might be a tough one. She has 3 more years of experience of being practiced cute, and that might give her the advantage over him....

    PS....wait until you see Clara Bow in her NEW fleeces, instead of her ratty old purple fleece we bought for $2 at the thrift store and modified 3 years ago so it is all stretched out now. She looks very bright and cheery and quite svelte in her new duds. I forget how skinny she is when she's wearing her baggy old clothes!

    I have to leave for work in a few minutes (DON'T ask....I'm a bit cranky about it myself as this is entirely too early, and I don't want to walk in those conditions!), but I promised Miss Bow that we'd have a photo shoot when I get home from work tonight. I'll post the photos online when I get a moment so all the web can see her in her beauty. :)

  3. Oh, I would love to have puppy pictures taken with our guys - except Rusty at home would probably rip off the photographer's face. Chihuahuas - not always cute and smooshy. I bet Indy will be awesome!

    I think Oscar is just going to have to stick with me teaking his picture for now...

  4. Oh, I wish my dog would let me take pictures of her! She'll look, and then using her mind-reading powers, wait until I push the button to take it. Thus, all her pictures are of her looking THATA way.
    I'm making all my presents this Christmas because I am a poor college student! :(
    As for haircut ideas, my hair is naturally wavy/basically curly, and to be honest, when I had it short the best time it behaved was when I did it pixie style.

  5. We took our big lizard to Petco this weekend to sit on Santa's lap. No, I'm not kidding..

    I have nooo hair suggestions. I Also have naturally curly hair and it's terribly difficult to find a good "do" I'm always so paranoid about making big changes too.

    I tried to grown mine out one time for locks of love but I had to quit because I just couldn't take it anymore and my friend pointed out if my hair annoys me so much why saddle someone else with that? lol So I donated all my clothes instead.

    Sorry I've been MIA with the comments as of late... I do read all the time ;)

  6. Meg -- I would love to see a pose-off between Clara Bow and Indy. She'd probably win, but the cuteness would be killer either way! I can't wait to see pics of her in her new gear :D

    Alyndabear -- Indy would love Rusty the chihuahua. He would also love Oscar, as long as Oscar loved him back. He plays with my mom's little marmalade tabby (also called Rusty) whenever he visits. We're pretty sure our Rusty thinks he's a dog rather than a cat, though.

    Geekgirl -- homemade presents are often the best. Care to share what you're making? I have a bunch of ornaments I really REALLY need to finish ASAP. Indy usually does that last-minute-look-away also. I was suprised how well he did for the photographer, but I think it had something to do with the strange squeaky / quacky toy they used to get his attention ;) As for the hair, I had a pageboy cut in 7th grade and HATED it. I'm still traumatized! One of the girls at work rocks a pixie, but I don't think I could do it.

    SSFB -- please oh please oh please tell me there are photos of the tegu on Santa's lap. I'm also curious to know what Santa thought of that sort of visitor :D