Sunday, January 11, 2009

Speak up, sonny boy, my hearing aid's not working

I kidsat tonight for my usual charge, the Kid (who is now six years old. SIX!!), and his best friend, who is four. Around 8:30 I got the boys settled down on the futon on either side of me and let them take turns choosing from a big pile of storybooks. At one point, the Friend piped up, "How old are you?"

VBG:  I'm 27.

Friend:  By the time I'm your age, you'll be dead!

VBG:  I hope not. I'll be 50, the same age as the Kid's dad.

Friend:  When I'm your age, you'll be old!

Knock it off, kid, or I'll bop you with my cane.


  1. Clearly someone hasn't taught that child that not every thought which rolls off his tongue is a welcomed one.

  2. Never heard a better case for corporal punishment!