Thursday, January 22, 2009

A special giveaway

Today is a very good day, because today I get to give away a book written by someone I know and love. My homegirl Stephanie Snowe, also known as That Chick Over There, is officially a Real Live Author. Her first book is entitled Meeting Mr. Wrong:  the Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle, and it's available on Amazon for the ridiculous bargain price of $9.95.

Of course, I encourage everyone to go buy Steph's book, but you can also leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a copy. To enter, you can either tell me a funny bad date story, or go check out Steph's blog and then tell me about an entry that made you laugh. If you do both in two separate comments, I'll give you two entries in the random drawing.

For a review of the book, go here. For a sneak peek at the first four chapters, go here (it's in PDF form). You may not want to read the sneak peek at work, unless your coworkers are used to you snorting with laughter at your desk.

Steffus, my sista-chica, I am so! damn! proud! of you. SMOOCHES.

Details:  This is cross-posted from my book blog. I'm giving away one book, and you can comment here or there. The contest is open to everyone (everywhere) and closes at midnight on February 2nd February 4th. The book comes out on February 3rd, and I'll ship the winner's copy as soon as it arrives from Amazon. If you decide to buy a copy for yourself (which I hope you will), you can still enter to win and pass the book on to someone else or give it away on your own blog. And if you don't win, please buy the book, because everyone needs to read the chapter about the guy with the pet birds. TRUST ME.


  1. It was the day after my vertebra was fractured, I didn't have the back brace yet, and I was under doctor's orders to barely move lest something go horribly wrong and I become paralyzed.

    So, I had been dating my first boyfriend for about a month, but we hadn't had our first kiss. He had come over to visit while I was in this condition, and at the end of the date he leaned in. Without warning, he shoved his whole tongue in my mouth so far I started choking on it. I wasn't even supposed to be standing up, so I couldn't jerk away. I finally coughed it up, thus finishing my first kiss ever.

    Winning a book would be the best thing that came out of that relationship.

  2. Oh my gosh! Sign me up for this give-away!