Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't read this unless you watched Top Chef last night

O.M.F.G. I cannot BELIEVE Leah didn't get sent home. I cannot believe that she is still in the competition and Radhika got sent home. WTF?? Does Bravo really think we give two shits about the Leah / Hosea love story? It's a cooking show! Yeah, Radhika sucked as a hostess, but she's a chef, not a hostess. She's not on the show to win Top People Person. And Lord knows I love hippy-dippy Carla, but Radhika has been cooking circles around her for weeks. Can we please keep the people who actually can, you know, consistently COOK?



  1. I am so ready for Leah to go home. She & Hosea are actually both really annoying me.

  2. So annoying! Last week their DESPICABLE behaviour towards Ariane I mean even I could tell she was hacking that lamb - but Leah and Hosea just sat back and watched?? And then Leah purposely tying the lamb so it was all over the place - ADMITTING such to the camera and she is STILL there? And now this?


    Plus that new judge needs to go.