Tuesday, February 24, 2009


vbg:  So you're going to the insurance office, and then out to dinner with my dad?

MB:  No, we rescheduled. We're going on Saturday instead.

vbg:  Wait, you're going on Saturday? Can I come?

MB:  It's for my birthday. I'm not sure you're invited.

vbg:  Hey! That's not fair.

MB:  Besides you're not available, anyway.

vbg:  Yes, I am! Wait, no I'm not. I have a work thing. Dammit.

MB:  See?

vbg:  Hmmph.

MB:  Oh, and Mr. Muskrat might be taking me out for dinner tonight.

vbg:  Wait, what? You get to go out to dinner tonight AND Saturday?

MB:  I'm not paying.

vbg:  Still, how come you get to go out for dinner, TWICE, and I don't?

MB:  I dunno. Maybe you need to get better friends.

vbg:  I...damn. Nice one, honey.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Bahhhh! Maybe your friends are just much busier than his! This sounds like a perfect opportunity for a lunch invitation - we were overdue anyway. What's your availability over the next few days vbg?