Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Pi Day!

To celebrate Pi Day, the bibliophile invited everyone over for a Pi(e) potluck. I had planned to go hiking with MB and Indy today to celebrate my birthday (which was yesterday), but the weather did not cooperate. I've never made a pie before and didn't want to drop a fortune on out-of-season fresh fruit, so I needed to come up with something to make for the party, and quick. And then it occurred to me:  Pi-shaped cookies!

I was going to attempt to make cookie cutters using this ridiculously cool example as a guide, but in the end I came up with a slightly simpler solution.

STEP 1: Set up stand mixer, passed down to me by my mother during the Christmas baking season. Also known as the savior of my arm, since I didn't have to give myself tennis elbow trying to make sugar cookie dough with my woefully inadequate hand mixer.

STEP 2: Dough is done, hooray!

STEP 3: Trace Pi template onto plastic lid and cut out.

STEP 4: Roll out dough and cut Pi shapes.

STEP 5: Forget that a quiet dog is usually a dog up to no good.

STEP 6: Impress everyone

STEP 7: Use up the rest of the dough and decorate appropriately

STEP 8: Eat cookies

Reading:  Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth R. Miller

Playing:  the Coraline soundtrack


  1. They look so tasty...wish I coulda been there!

  2. Those cookies are ridiculously cool, regardless of how the shape was cut! Happy Birthday!

  3. Very nicely done, although there was a distinct lack of sprinkles. I like sprinkles.

  4. those look scrumptious! cookies make any day a celebration.