Monday, March 16, 2009

Three things about my dog

In my efforts to not talk about the pets all the time, I tend to not talk about them enough, or so it seems. And so, here are three things about my dog that have made me happy lately.

MB has taught Indy how to stand up on his hind legs and hop like a bunny. Or rather, like a person doing the bunny hop. It is precisely as cute as you imagine, times about fifteen. I'm planning to borrow BoMB's camera soon so I can get the trick on video. It is just that awesome.

As we were coming back from our walk this morning, Indy and I passed a beautiful little bluepoint Siamese cat, coming down her driveway. I reined Indy in a bit since he OMGSQUEELOVES cats and cats tend to not return the sentiment, expecting the cat to notice us and run off, or at least halt in her tracks to scope us out. Instead, as we stood there and waited, she moseyed straight over to Indy, peered curiously into his face, and delicately sniffed him, her nose touching his. She then sauntered off and flopped down to stretch out on her side in the sun, completely confident in her badassery and place as ruler of the Universe. Indy and I were suitably impressed.

A dog down the street has a tennis ball with a rope loop attached, and Indy always acts interested in it when we see her. Possibly that's because her owner throws the ball about forty feet straight up and the dog catches it on the way back down. I saw the same kind of ball and rope contraption on sale at the grocery the other day and decided to buy one for Indy. Our yard doesn't have a whole lot of lateral space, so a toy that can go up and still be fun seemed like a good idea. It was really nice out today, so when I got home from work I took the rope ball out for Indy to try.

He didn't even try to catch it in mid-air, preferring to pounce on it as soon as it landed. Each time he grabbed it, he held it by the ball, letting the rope dangle free. And each time he took off running with it, he stepped on the rope, pulling the ball out of his own mouth. In one ten-yard sprint, I think he stepped on the rope at least six times. Worth every penny, that toy.


Gratuitous Spring flower photos:

Reading:  Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth R. Miller

Playing:  Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, perfect for driving around on a sunny day with the sunroof open and the windows rolled down


  1. He's so danged cute!!! And Indy stories are ALWAYS appreciated. :) No fair that you have flowers,, what are flowers?? None of those here. About 1/2 inch of green from crocuses sticking up out of one flower bed at the end of the block and that is *all*.

  2. Oh, well at least you have "Green", Meg! I live in the south of Texas. It's all brown and flat. Seriously, even my flowers have given up.

    As for Indy stories, do love! He is way cute. My dog has a favorite toy, her walrus which she has taken to keeping in her crate to keep her company when I'm not at home.

    That cat story was TOO AWESOME, too.

  3. I came back to comment because I forgot to say "yay for RHCP!"

    Well, GeekGirl, I have to say, if you live in Texas you asked for brown.... ;) Seriously, there are several reasons I left CA and one of them is that I hate the muddy brown that takes over in January and the dry, dead brown from June thru September or October.

    My new dog adores these squeaky, fuzzy mouse toys and keeps them in her crate. If you take them out she'll hunt them down and squirrel them away in her crate. She mostly just looks at them and uses them as pillows to snuggle with. Dogs are so cute.

  4. Two things not about your dog.

    1) How is that book - I've heard little about it?

    2) I love your 'raised by wolves' badge!