Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mental pocket lint

I don't have anything profound to share, just lots of small things that by themselves wouldn't be worthy of an entire post. And so, here are some bullet points.

>>  I was in charge of Spring Break daycamp at work on Monday, and holy shit do I respect primary school teachers even more now. The noise! The not listening to instructions! The incessant, skull-rending whining! (One kid started complaining that she was hungry for lunch at 9:45 AM. When she later put a blank nametag sticker over her mouth to be obnoxious, I told her at least I wouldn't have to hear her complain about how much she wanted to go to lunch. So she wrote, "I'M HUNGRY!" on the sticker and gave me a flamboyantly stink-eyed glower every time I looked in her direction. Well played, tiny drama queen.) Mostly, I jest. It was a really good day, and most of the kids were totally rad, even if it did take me two full days to recover my strength.

>>  The bibliophile's mom and her next-door neighbor stopped by my workplace today and sought me out just to tell me that they'd been to the gallery where my photos are hanging and really liked them. Isn't that a terribly nice thing to do?

>>  On the recommendation of the fabulous TLo, I am watching Make Me a Supermodel this season. To my happy surprise, I really like it. It's like a more legitimate, less shrieky version of my beloved ANTM. My only problem?


>>  I was at Walmart the other day to get some stuff for work, and saw the most kickass bedding ever. I have searched and searched the internet and have not found any evidence that the stuff exists, which drives me nuts. I know I'm supposed to be a good hippie and hate Walmart, but this stuff is SO ridiculously my style that it's not even funny. And it's made from organic cotton! Which almost cancels out the evil! One set has painfully awesome woodland creatures, and is complimented by a navy blue knitted owl pillow. The other has birds that look like they were made for evilducky, complimented (of course) by a fat bird pillow. If I can re-learn how to harvest pictures from my phone, I'll see if the ones I took turned out. Until then, I will attempt to come up with reasons to buy un-needed woodland creature bedding. And knitted owl pillows.

>>  My life has been drastically brightened of late by the hilarious site Fuck You, Penguin, in which cute animals are told what's what. I must thank the lovely Metalia for posting about it on Twitter and my dear Kerri Anne for telling Metalia about it.

>>  Just today I told my friend the Untamed Shrew about FUP, and she paid me back with a link to the hysterical dog blog. Like Fuck You, Penguin but with dogs, and less hostile. I laughed so hard at some of the captions that I had tears running down my face. Good times, good times.

>>  My kickass friend Kitty B is at the hospital in Tucson RIGHT NOW having a baby (!!!), but sadly I have already stayed up too late obsessively refreshing my gmail and looking for a report. I must now wait until the morning to find out how it all went and what he's been named. Best wishes and congrats! <3

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