Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Because this year I might actually start early. Well, early-ish.

Every year I tell myself I'll start my shopping and crafts for Christmas early, and every year I'm scrambling to get done a few days before. Last year it really backfired -- I got some kind of zombie death virus on Christmas night and didn't get the ornaments I was making finished in time for our annual Thanksmas party two nights later. This time around I have a few gifts that I've picked up here and there, and since we're keeping Christmas very low-key and low-cost this year, I'm probably in pretty good shape as far as shopping. Ornaments, though...I meant to start them in early Fall since I knew November and December would be hectic, but of course I haven't. I don't even know what I want to make this year, so I can't start planning.

The first year we did a homemade-gift exchange at Thanksmas, I made beaded snowflakes:

(I'm sure I have a picture somewhere taken after I trimmed the extra wire off, but I'm too lazy to go find the CD of photos from that year :P )

The second year, I made tiny paper lanterns out of Christmas scrapbooking paper:

(These were popular, I think!)

Last year, I made but didn't finish these:

I was thinking about making birds from this pattern, but all in red felt. But are red birds actually Christmas-y? I always see cardinal ornaments at the stores for Christmas, but I'm not sure why.

Anyway, internet, I turn to you. Please hit me with your favorite easy-to-make but nice Christmas crafts! I'd prefer to do another ornament, and it can't be super, super expensive since the point is to save money as well as make something handmade. And I'd really like to not end up on craftastrophe for my efforts ;)


  1. One year I found a recipe for a spicy (non-edible) dough and cut out shapes with a star-shaped cookie cutter. Before they baked, I poked a small hole in the top with a knitting needle. After they cooled I put on a white satin ribbon. I think the dough was made with white Elmer's glue.
    They smelled so good. We saved them in plastic bags and they kept their scent for at least 3 or 4 years.

  2. I think Cardinals are the ONLY birds left around here in the winter, so I think of them as Christmas-y.

  3. How about a favorite holiday recipe on one side of a bell shaped cardboard/construction paper cutout, and a picture of the result on the other? You could cover with clear Contac paper, and punch a hole in the top for a ribbon to hang on the tree.

  4. Bawhahaha, LOVE the Craftastrophe linkage. Too funny!

    I am partial to snowmen. LOVE them.

    I am by no means crafty, so I have no suggestions. LOL