Monday, November 02, 2009

Shower me with kindness

On October 24th, my fabulous friends threw a baby shower for MB and the baby and me. We had a yummy lunch, two kinds of cake, and pumpkins with dinosaurs painted on them:

One of the girls made this ridiculously cute dinosaur out of diapers, completed by a baby-clothes palm tree:

Several friends came in from out of town to celebrate with us, including Nick and J-Dog, who drove all the way from Chicago. People were incredibly generous, and I think it's safe to say that our baby will be the best-dressed member of the family. We got all kinds of really nice things for the brachiopod, and my coworkers unexpectedly chipped in and bought us a travel system (!!). I feel incredibly privileged and lucky to have so many people around us who want to help welcome our little dude into the world.

Even bloggy friends have joined in on the festivities! Meg from Vintage Flapper to the Rescue sent us the most painfully cute fuzzy bear suit and kickass little shoes:

Some super rad bedding. The first blanket is unbelievably soft, and I want one in my size. The last one was knitted by my mom.


It's really starting to sink in this week just how soon he's going to be making his debut, and I'm in a bit of shock over how fast this pregnancy has gone by. Before we know it, we'll be setting up his room and packing a hospital bag. I just hope we're ready!

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