Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family time

We're spending the weekend visiting MB's family. Because they are clever (and accommodating), they celebrate Thanksgiving on the Saturday following the actual day. It's awesome because we never have to choose or alternate, which is extra great since Thanksgiving is MB's favorite holiday. We're going to eat ourselves stupid in the afternoon at Mamaw and Papaw's house and then go back to MB's aunt and uncle's place and play games into the wee hours if the past several years are any indication. Or at least MB will. The brachiopod and I have a severely limited ability to stay up past 11:00 PM these days.

Speaking of the brachiopod and inlaws, MB's aunt and uncle bought the baby a crib! We knew they were planning to, but we didn't see it until last night. I'll have to add a picture once we get back home. When we got here, they had it set up in the dining room with a sheet over the top and then MB's uncle pulled it off, all voila! They also got him a mattress pad (the packaging says it will absorb 8 cups of liquid. Don't get any ideas, kid.), sheets, a big fuzzy blanket and a package of little flannel blankets, some puppy dog onesies, dinosaur thermal jammies, a safety kit with little clippers and scissors and such, and a big teddy bear. I pretty much won the in-law lottery, right?

Speaking of babies, a huge epic congrats to Assertagirl, who welcomed Nathan James on the 24th! Seriously, go look...he's gorgeous.

Update, pics:

These are pretty terrible pictures, since I didn't have a camera with me:

(the mattress is crooked because we were futzing around with the adjustable height right before I took the picture)

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