Monday, November 09, 2009

An important philosophical difference

So, I'm watching last week's episode of Ghost Hunters and two of the investigators are heading toward the woods, reluctantly following a noise. It reminded me of an important philosophical difference that has come up on occasion between me and MB. When you're walking down a dark road at night, surrounded by woods, and you hear a noise off in one direction or the other, do you point your flashlight in the direction of the noise, or not?

I am of the opinion that it's probably just a small, harmless forest creature, but that if I were to see the flashlight shining off the eyes of said small, harmless forest creature, I might pee myself anyway so best not to look. I'm also of the opinion that if it's somehow not a small, harmless forest creature and is instead something large and carnivorous and impossible to outrun, I'd rather not know about it beforehand.

MB seems to be of the opinion that he'll shine the light over there now and deal with the consequences later. As you can imagine, this has the potential to cause a bit of a dispute, especially if there is only one light source between the two of us.

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