Saturday, January 02, 2010

Nesting or temporary insanity, it's so hard to differentiate

Holy crap, y'all, what a day. MB and I slept late, but we made up for it big time by the end. We got up around 10:30 and finished painting the brachiopod's room, then took showers and met rabidmonkey and norahs1213 for lunch. After that, we did our grocery shopping for the week. MB decided to fix the janky dryer exhaust hose that constantly detaches itself from the vent, so he went to Lowe's for parts. While he was gone, I ended up reorganizing the breakfast nook (which is basically our mudroom / storage area) so that we can bring up a cabinet from the basement for more pantry space. This entailed moving shelves, consolidating bins of stuff, and carrying crap out to the shed and the trash bin. Indy was somewhat worried about all this activity, since his crate is in the breakfast nook, which basically makes it his room. I think he's pretty happy with the results, though he could've just been excited about that ancient goldfish cracker he found behind the trash can. It's so hard to tell with dogs.

I ended up cleaning out and reorganizing the actual pantry, too, before MB got home. Then he and I spent at least an hour hooking up the new dryer hose to the dryer and vent. That goddamn hose has got to be the most poorly designed piece of equipment I have ever, ever seen. Getting it attached to the dryer with the grippy ring thingy required an angle of hand and screwdriver that was basically physically impossible. Then the stupid hose ripped no less than FOUR TIMES while we were trying to attach it and expand it. It's a miracle we didn't light the whole thing on fire and walk away, to be honest. I swear, at one point it was giving me contractions. Too bad they went away, I guess. When that was finally, finally done, we ate dinner and started to relax, but then I decided to try to get a little bit more work done in the baby's room.

MB and BoMB helped move the furniture in, and then I brought the bpod's books and toys and other gear over from the guest room and put everything in its place. If this is nesting, I'm going to be very glad it's done when he's born very soon. If it's not, well...I guess I'll still be glad, but I'll also be really tired tomorrow. I should probably wait until I have better pictures, since these turned out sort of overexposed and crappy, but I'm too exhausted to go back upstairs and take more. My mom is making curtains for the windows, we need new outlet covers, and I've got to have my dad bring over the glider chair mom is passing on to us, but other than that it's basically done:

Diapers will eventually go on the middle shelf of the changing table, but
the shelf is loose and needs to be glued or braced before it will bear weight.

It was kind of an accident that he ended up with so many stuffed animals.

I found this cool folding puppet theater at Goodwill last week for five bucks!

I'll have to get a better shot of the thing under the window.
It's a doll crib that was mine when I was little, now full of puppets.

Here's the crib, which is set up in our room.

My two boys, soon to be three. I'm simultaneously impatient to meet our baby and yet terrified that I'm not ready to be his mother, which I suppose is normal. I feel pulled in two directions now, part of me wanting to get on with things already and part of me wanting to wait just a bit longer, just a few days more. But if there's one thing this pregnancy has taught me, it's that things are well out of my hands now. All I can do is my best, and then hope it's enough. I suppose that's all we ever do, really.


  1. Wowwwwww. I want to move in to that nursery and I"m 35. so clean, so organized. Love it.

    The way you wrote this certainly sounded like nesting energy but hey I thought you'd have the baby on Christmas day so I am not to be trusted..

  2. That baby's room is so sweet! I love the bookshelves and the stuffed turtles.

    You have definately been nesting!
    I predict Jan 9th.

  3. I told MB this is probably the only time it'll ever be this neat and organized, so we should enjoy it while it lasts ;)

  4. Oh, and a friend of mine told me she got the nesting bug about a week before she went into labor with her second baby, so perhaps the 9th is not a bad guess!

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  6. Kader7:53 PM

    I became a mom in August. Don't worry--the terror will wear off. One day you'll just find that he's a little person who you know! Until then, don't be afraid of the complete lack of confidence. It's exactly as it should be!

    LOVE the nursery!

  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Oh Darlin', this made me laugh! You are DEFINATELY nesting girl. Now get over it and go take a nap! You need to store up energy, not use it all up before the bpod even makes his debut! The room looks perfect...he's gonna love it!