Monday, January 11, 2010

Resistance is futile

I didn't sleep so well last night, suffering from a long and involved dream about labor in which I actually felt like I was having contractions. One would think, "AHA! And then you woke up and you were having contractions!" And one would be overly optimistic because no, I just woke up tired and out-of-sorts. I went back to sleep on the couch for about an hour after MB left for work, which helped a lot, and then I spent quite a long time poking around on the internet. At some point near lunch time, I realized it had started to snow in the most perfect way -- with big fat fluffy flakes tumbling almost a little too slowly through the air. I made a sandwich and opened the dining room curtains so I could watch the snow while I ate.

Once I got done eating, this is the face the dog kept giving me:

He really, really wanted to go for a walk. I checked the weather, and it was a near-balmy 28 degrees outside, so I figured what the hell. I got dressed in my super sexy dog walking outfit -- maternity layering tank top tucked into the worst ever pair of frumpy maternity jeans that I only wear to walk the dog because they make my ass look so awful, giant yoga T-shirt over that, then the only hoodie that I can still zip, followed by a huge red coat that doesn't actually fasten anymore. I guess the baby has really dropped in the last week or so, because when I go walking I can't take my usual long-leggedy strides due to all the bones in area being sort of pissed off and creaky right now.

But Indy and I made do, me shuffling along with these ridiculous penguin steps, him stopping to sniff every dog, cat, and rabbit track we passed in the fresh snow. We must've been a bit of a spectacle, my giant belly sticking out from my red coat, Indy's black fur sleek against the white backdrop, his perpetually question-mark-shaped tail poking up into the chilly air. And wouldn't you know, that walk in the snow cleared up the last of my lingering malaise from the weird dreams and the poor sleeping. I was a bit tired when we got back, but so refreshed. Dogs are pretty wise after all, I guess.

Once we got home, I took the new camera out to take a few winter pictures. Obviously I still need more practice, but I'm pretty excited about what this thing will be able to do once I'm a bit more used to it.

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