Tuesday, November 30, 2010


'Twas the last night of NaBlo
And all through the land
Bloggers were sighing
And feeling just grand

Thirty posts over
Oh, what a relief
Finally we're able
To get a good night's sleep

No more waking up panicked
No more sweating in bed
Worried we forgot to hit publish
Feeling scrambled in the head

No more memes, no more surveys
No more deadlines to remember
How many of us won't post
A single thing in December?

But all can look back
With pride and with cheer
And maybe, just maybe
We'll be back next year


  1. Fun.

    I plan to go back and look at the blogs listed under the Rantings/Foaming at the Mouth category. (Well, it's something like that.) That's where I listed mine, since I didn't fit under any of NaBloPoMo's other categories.

    I finished NaNoWriMo, too. The title is good and the middle 15,000 words are good. But the rest.... I think I'll just put it on a CD and throw it in the drawer. I just can't see myself re-working it.

  2. You did it! Yahoo!

    And, it's twinkly Christmas lights time on your blog..truly the most wonderful time of the year.