Monday, November 29, 2010

Gobble gobble

We had a pretty great Thanksgiving this year. We had dinner with my mom's extended family on actual Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle's new ridonkulously huge house. Nico spent about an hour after dinner crawling around the first floor with my dad following close behind. Their dining room is about twice the size of ours, and there were two living rooms (two!) and a giant foyer besides that. Grandpa also let him practice climbing the stairs. I forgot to get a nice posed shot of him in the adorable outfit my mom gave him for the holiday, so we snapped one at home when he was a little bit punchy and not too keen on sitting still.

On Saturday we headed to MB's hometown for dinner with his family. We ate at MB's grandparents' house, and after some time to acclimate, Nico drove his toy school bus all through the small living room and dining room among the feet of family members. I snapped quite a few photos of him looking entirely too much like a toddler. After dinner, MB's cousin and her boyfriend invited a friend over to play bluegrass banjo for the family. He was really good and Nico seemed enthralled by his first encounter with live music.

Nico made out like a bandit with his grandparents, MB's parents. He scored a rattle, a chew toy, a cloth crinkle book, a teddy bear, a stuffed Donald Duck, a farm board book (which was a huge hit), a huge electronic alphabet / spelling board, and a ride on / walk behind car with a bunch of knobs and whatsits that make noise. He'll have to grow into the ABC board, but he loves the toddler car. As soon as MB's dad got it out of the box, Nico started pushing it around the floor and making his car-driving noise (halfway between a raspberry and a grown-up vroom vroom sound). He hasn't quite figured out the riding-on or the walking-behind, but he's definitely worked out the noisemaking parts. And needless to say, I'm no longer worried that my restraint will result in Nico not getting very many toys for Christmas.

Rotten? Me? Surely you jest.


  1. Anonymous4:54 AM

    OMG, that first picture! His eyes!!!!!! What a love bug.

  2. Nico's about 12 in that second photo :)