Thursday, November 04, 2010

New 100 Things, part 1

I realized a few months ago that my three-year-old 100 Things list is really outdated. In the process of attempting to update it, I realized I don't even like it all that much anymore, so I decided to write a new one for NaBlo2010. Here are the first 25 items from my New 100 Things:

1. I'm sneaking up on 30 and feeling okay about it.

2. I'm married to a great guy. You can call him MB.

3. We have one child, a boy born January 2010. You can call him Nico.

4. We have a flop-eared black Lab / Chow mix dog named Indiana Bones. You can call him Indy. Or Scones. Or Snoopicon.

5. We live in a house with really terrible wallpaper.

6. I love to read.

7. I used to write fiction.

8. I'm not too fond of math.

9. I have a BS in geology and a BA in English with a creative writing emphasis.

10. I like to paint my toenails silver.

11. I have really ugly feet.

12. I don't own any dresses.

13. Or makeup.

14. Or even a brush.

15. I love yoga and I'm still proud of the fact that I could stand on one leg and pull the other foot up behind my head when I was 41 weeks pregnant.

16. I do have photographic proof of this feat.

17. I'm not really into shoes.

18. Or fancy jewelry.

19. Or vampires.

20. I do like dinosaurs, though.

21. And owls.

22. I love stars, both the shape and the kind in the sky.

23. My favorite thing to drink is milk.

24. I don't drink alcohol because it puts me to sleep.

25. If I could only eat one kind of ice cream for the rest of my life, it would be the vanilla bean from the ice cream place where I worked in high school.


  1. I had no idea you were such a young'un!

    Stars are cool, man.