Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving is thanks-living

I saw a church sign on the way home from Nico's story hour this week that said "Thanksgiving is thanks-living." I'm not a religious person, but I did like the sign a lot since I do try to live my life in a grateful way.

And so, in celebration of tomorrow, the day of giving thanks for the good things, I am thankful for:

A man who is equal parts husband, partner, and best friend

A beautiful little boy who fills my days with light

A family that loves and supports us and has become our son's village

A flop-eared dog who shows us how to love more perfectly

Friends who are more like a second family

Books that open new worlds.

This weird place called the internet, where I have found myself and found true friends.

Happy Thanksgiving (or happy Thursday, Canadians), everybody!

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