Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bits & pieces

Therapy fodder

Nico, MB, and I were hanging out in the living room earlier, having our customary playtime before bedtime while Indy lounged on the loveseat. At one point MB brought out a pair of construction paper airplanes he made for Nico a while back. "Daddy launch!" Nico cried, and MB let one fly. It floated beautifully across the room and something in its flight must've sparked Indy's Labrador instincts. He sailed across the baby fence, ears blowing gently back, and retrieved the airplane as it touched down on the floor. We're talking dog show quality, here. Then he turned and bounded back up and over the fence as Nico tore after him shouting, "No! No! Noooo!" And because I am a model of decorum and kind parenting, I laughed until I cried.

Ready to buy my ticket

Have you seen the trailer for the new Pixar film yet? It looks wonderful…and also if I ever have a daughter, there may be some resemblance in the hair department.

(gratuitous toddler hair pic)

New celebrity crush?

I don't usually have celebrity crushes, but damn. Sort of like Orlando Bloom for grownup ladies.

Must resist!

Do any of you go shopping on Black Friday? I love bargains, but I hate crowds and waiting in line. I went out on Black Friday once in college and it was the biggest waste of time. I keep getting tempted by deals, though…must be strong!

And this happened today

That's me with my favorite snake. He's really chill and kind of sweet in his own tiny-brained snaky way. What, like it's weird to walk around with a six-foot snake coiled around one's arm? Pssht. There was also a spontaneous lunch out today with nearly all my coworkers, which was pretty great.

Reading:  Inheritance, the final(?) book in the Eragon series. So far it is…oof. Not very good at all.

Playing:  Howl by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


  1. HAHAHHA - Nico yelling at Indy! Classic.

    That snake looks like it's trying to crush you to death. Seriously. You're smiling in the photo and the snake is probably all, "NNNNNRRRRRRGH! Why won't you succumb to my superior snake strength and die?!?"

    BTW, I haven't forgotten about Nico! I just haven't gotten to the thrift store yet. My coworker and I have been trying to go since last week, but every day one of us gets a rush job and we keep postponing. Maybe next week!

  2. Hehe, Shauna! I think the snake was more like "I'm so cold. This tree is WARM. HOLD STILL, warm tree!"