Saturday, December 03, 2011

Saturday! Celebrate!

I unexpectedly had today off and MB unexpectedly had to work, so Nico and I found some ways to pass the time.

in his new dinosaur pjs…size 3TOMG

at Barnes & Noble after Nico saw the big sprinkle-covered sugar cookies in the cafe case and said, "Coo-key, peez? Coo-key, peeeeez?"

It was 58 degrees by the afternoon, so we went for a walk in the woods, as one does.

"Tree up high!"

playing in the bubble rock fountain outside the nature center

In the evening MB and Nico hung out while I got groceries and ran some errands. Because we're going to see all of Nico's little playdate buddies this week, I got my Martha on and put together some holiday treat bags after I got home.

I was hoping Nico would color on the paper so I could use it to make tags for the bags…he was decidedly disinterested.

I was tempted to just sit at the table huffing Play Doh and Crayola fumes all night, I'll admit it.

I realized after the fact that I could've just bought each kid a board book for what I spent on these, but at least they turned out really cute.


  1. supercute! and i'm sure they all have plenty of board books already. but how many already have a squirty truck?

  2. We handed out two bags today and they were a huge hit, especially the squirty cement trucks :D

  3. How could you possibly say no when he says "peez?"

    He seems to be turning into a fun little guy to hang out with.

  4. This is what happens when you stop reading blogs for awhile. Babies turn into beautiful little boys!! Wow. Great pictures. :)

  5. Anne! Hello! Nice to "see" you again :)