Thursday, December 08, 2011

T minus 17

Did you guys know there's only 17 days left until Christmas? Apparently I just realized this fact on Sunday or so, for I have spent the week alternately contemplating, planning for, and panicking about Christmas. I have all of Nico's gifts bought (at least until I find something else I can't resist buying for him) and need just one more thing for MB's birthday (which is Tuesday). Other than that, I think I have three Christmas gifts crossed off my shopping list. Threeeeeehelp.

I'm taking next Thursday off for delivery of a chest freezer we bought online during a Black Friday sale and to hopefully do the rest of the Christmas shopping. Pray for me, I guess.

Our tree is up, but not any of the other decorations I usually get out for the holidays. I keep meaning to get to it and then not.

I have to get off the computer in about two minutes to finish up my ornaments for Jett Superior's exchange because I didn't remember to start those until Monday night.

We took Nico on a carriage ride through the big town park tonight, where they have these big fancy holiday light displays set up. I think he really liked it, even though he was definitely in Serious Consideration mode. He was so tired afterward that when I took him up to his room to get ready for bed, he stretched out on the floor with his head pillowed on his blankie and said "Nighty night, little boy" while I was changing his crib sheet.

Okay, this has turned out lame and disjointed but at least you know I'm not dead. Now I shall go off and finish my ornaments.

Reading:  Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

Playing:  Christmas music, of course

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