Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A perfect line

I finally started watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix after Jennie tweeted about it and good Lord, you guys. New obsession ahoy! I have the most embarrassing crush on Jax Teller. The dimples! The sly little wink! The small moment of freaking out when he shoots a guy! What's not to love about a biker who can destroy a dude's radiator and almost cries when the girl he loves tells him she's leaving town? And there was the Armani campaign, though I supposed that's unrelated. Anyway, the show is really well-cast, well-acted, and well-written and I'm happy to nerd-chat about it anytime if anyone else watches it. Does this mean I have to watch Friday Night Lights next, since people on Twitter also rave about that one?

Nico has a new thing to watch, too. MB found a folksy little song on YouTube all about front loaders. I suppose that doesn't sound very nice, but it's actually not bad. I figure there are probably lots of kids' shows out there more annoying, and it's SO cute how much Nico likes it. We've been working on teaching him to say "May I have" when he wants something and the downside is that now I find him nearly impossible to resist. "May I HAVE front yoader vee-yo?" Here is mama's iPhone, kid, knock yourself out! "May I HAVE another a-mal cracker?" Yes! Crackers galore! "May I HAVE a inge, preh-peese?" Yes, baby, have ALL THE ORANGES THAT HAVE EVER BEEN GROWN!" Be careful with the politeness, is all I'm saying. It can be dangerous.

"If the 'pretty please' doesn't work, I can throw in painfully sweet pajamas and unruly curls. I will wear you down, one way or another."


  1. Yes, definitely. All the oranges.

  2. We LOOOOOVVVVEE Sons of Anarchy, but we are 6 episodes behind so I can't discuss the latest season.