Saturday, March 10, 2012

Life hacks 2

Here are a few more things that make things easier around the house in small but satisfying ways:

1. Folding a fitted sheet

2. Storing a silicone baking mat

Two years ago I received a silpat silicone baking mat for Christmas in July. According to the package it came in, the silpat isn't supposed to be folded. I kept it rolled up and stored in a drawer, but it would always gradually unroll and get in the way. Then one day I had an epiphany - I rolled up the silpat and slid it into an empty paper towel tube. It fit perfectly and now it stays clean and never unrolls and gets caught in the drawer.

3. Securing unruly cords

I keep a phone charger plugged in by my bed, like probably everyone in the free world. The weight of the extension cord end used to constantly drag the charger cord down in between the bed and the nightstand, causing disproportionate amounts of rage. I wish I'd come up with this one on my own, but it was in an email that one of my coworkers got with all kinds of lifehacky tips and tricks. One giant binder clip and the problem was solved. You can detach the silver bar thingie from the body of the clip if neither end of your charger cord fits through the space.

4. Storing wrapping paper

This isn't that creative but I'm including it because I can't believe I didn't think of it ages ago. I tried to buy one of those more or less trash can shaped wrapping paper storage tubs after Christmas this year, but they were all sold out before I got to Target. I found a really long flat underbed storage tub that's long enough for wrapping paper rolls and bought that instead, and now I think that was probably the better choice anyway. Underbed space is a lot less precious than closet space in our house, after all.

5. Saving a little on laundry

Have you ever noticed how fabric softener sheets usually have a little bit of stiffness left when they come out of the dryer? My mom figured out that you can use two once-used sheets and they work just as well as new ones. I just toss them up onto the top of the dryer as they come out and then re-use them all once. It takes zero effort, pretty much.

6. Keeping track of kid gifts

We end up buying lots of little kid gifts over the course of a year, and after a few months I can't remember what I bought and whom I bought it for. Around last Christmas I finally realized this is the perfect job for the note function in my phone. I now keep a list of the kids we shop for and the gifts we've already given them, and since I always have my phone while shopping, it has proved quite useful.

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  1. That video is awesome. It plays to the OCD in me.

    Re. softener sheets - I tear them in half, use half, then put the other half back in the box for later use. And to save even more - you only need about half the amount of detergent and liquid fabric softener as their lids would indicate.