Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rooms of their own

Rooms of their own

Even though Nico doesn't seem to be experiencing any angst relating to the baby preparations, we gave his room a mini big-boy-room makeover. I got him some construction equipment curtains on Craigslist and dug out an old construction light that my cousin gave me in college. I would've preferred to have my mom make him some curtains, but I couldn't find any decent construction fabric and the ones I got were pretty cheap. We set up the nice play tent he got for Christmas, too. He doesn't seem overly alarmed or excited by the changes, but maybe that's a good thing. It's so hard to know how all this is going to affect him. He's a sweet and mostly-easygoing little boy, but he also clings to his routines. I'm anticipating the "I broke my firstborn" feelings, but I hope that they pass quickly and he adjusts. I know that in the long run, having a brother will most likely be good for him...but in the short term I just hope things aren't too hard on him.

And we got the nursery done with one day to spare! Okay, almost done. We need to hang his fabulous custom art tomorrow. He probably won't sleep in his room for six months or so, but I'm happy to have it ready. Since the crib is in our room, we decided to leave a guest bed set up in the nursery for now...not that I'm interested in letting anyone sleep in there anytime soon.

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  1. i saw a black bird the other day (crow? raven? who knows) and thought of that sweet print you have. :)