Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh, January

Oh, January

Nico was well just long enough to go to a monster truck show and turn four (FOUR!), and then he got a gross cold followed by a fever followed by what I thought was pinkeye on Saturday morning. We postponed his birthday party by a day to give him 24 hours on his eyedrops and he seemed better. He had a really great time at his party and got some very cool toys and it was a good day. Then today his eye was swollen and angry red-purple underneath and he still had a fever. We went off to the pediatrician and got diagnosed with an actual infection and came home with a prescription for stronger eyedrops. So I'm sure he'll be fine but damn, January...back up off my kid for a little bit, huh?

The little one is de-babying way too fast for me. He's almost eleven months old and all of a sudden he can actually crawl and he pulls up to stand all the time and he has four teeth. He also says bye-bye and mama and dada and started signing more on Saturday. Before I know it he'll be a year old and I just don't think I'm ready. Not that it matters, because he certainly isn't slowing down for anything. And oh, but he's sweet. They're both so sweet.

Way back...a noon year's eve party with Nico's friends:

Double playdate

Playing together!

The happy reunion after Nico got home from the hospital:


The face of a baby betrayed by his mother's refusal to let him yank the tubing out of the breast pump. Check out the theatrical single tear!

Elliott gets a tiny bit excited about dinner:


Willingly sharing his toys with little brother

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