Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm going away for a two-day training for work, starting tomorrow. Once it's done it'll be no big deal, but right now with my little boys asleep in their beds and me leaving in the morning long before they wake for the day, it feels big. It feels hard and sad and gloomy. A few people have said things indicating that I should enjoy a break from them and a night away and I guess I will in a way, but only a little. There are moments, of course, where the tiredness or the routine or the mess or the whining get to me and I just want a break, but going away-away? Like, not just to Target for an hour by myself but four-hours-away away? It feels a little soon. Probably I just have possibly-last-baby Feelings. Probably I'll have a really good time and only feel a tiny bit bad about it. Probably they will do just fine without me. Definitely I will miss these little faces. 


  1. I have to go on these trips sometimes, and I get it. I usually hole up in my hotel with take out and watch netflix for countless hours when not at my work obligation. It's not a hard time, but I still like to get back home to my family.

  2. I left my boys for the first time ever earlier this month. It was a fun trip not a work trip, so that might have helped. I found that time went by SO FAST and I actually felt like I never really left. Hope your trip goes well and you come home to happy babes!