Monday, February 08, 2016

Things I do not regret buying

We upgraded our phones back on New Year's Day, so I now have an iPhone 6s. While the increased storage size and no-longer-failing battery are great, I think my favorite thing about the phone is actually the case. Having busted two Otter Box defender cases in a row, I decided to give Lifeproof a try. So far I've dropped it a few times with no issues, and it is delivering on the promise of being dust-proof. The best, most awesome thing, though...I realized that since the case is actually submersible for up to an hour, I can listen to audiobooks in the shower. It's possible you're staring at your screen with a what the hell look on your face right now, but I don't even care because I can listen to audiobooks in the shower! Or podcasts! Or music! Or whatever I want because WATERPROOF.

I took advantage of a 40% off plus a sale Lands' End deal not long after we went sledding and bought myself a real winter coat. I got the squall jacket which is rated for -5 degrees, so seems respectably a coat to me. Even with the discounts it was $65, which is a HUGE splurge for me. I never spend that kind of money on clothes for myself and I had some buyers' remorse after finalizing the purchase. But I kept telling myself it was a good deal, and also that it is pretty ridiculous to still be layering hoodies under an Army surplus jacket at my age. I wore the coat for the first time today and I no longer have any remorse. I can't believe I waited so long to get myself a proper coat. I ran errands all morning with Elliott while it was windy and 24 degrees and I was perfectly comfortable. The coat isn't bulky at all, either, which is really nice. It's a little poofed-out in the front when I'm sitting down, but I was only wearing it over a T-shirt and suspect I would've appreciated the extra room if I was wearing a thicker shirt or a jacket underneath, and I don't think a size down would've zipped comfortably over my boobs, so I'm going to suffer the slight poofy front in silence.

I also bought these very fancy pants for ten bucks because I haven't owned leggings since the original dying gasp of stirrup pants back in 8th grade, and have often wished for something other than flannel pj pants to layer under my jeans on cold work or camping days. I figured I couldn't get old-school waffle-weave long johns for less than ten bucks, so it was worth a chance. I haven't had a reason to wear them yet, but I also have zero regrets about this purchase.

Two days before we went sledding, I snapped up a pair of Sorel boots (in this print) on a local buy / sell / trade site for fifty dollars. My previous strategy had been to wear fuzzy socks inside my rain boots, which kept my feet dry but not at all warm since the boots have no insulation. My feet would've been warmer in my regular trainers. The day of sledding proved the boots to be a good investment, particularly because I suspect they'll last forever with the slim number of actual snowy days we get around here.

A local facebook acquaintance who is also an amazing seamstress recently started her own online shop. She was looking for people to buy items at cost and then take photos of kids wearing the clothes for use on her site. I thought her hooded fleece sweatshirt design looked cute enough, and figured I could feel good about doing something nice even if I didn't end up loving the shirt, and bought one for Elliott. WELL. I think this may be my new favorite thing to put on him. It somehow echoes his precise blend of sweetness and mischief. It's awesomely soft and (as far as I can tell) comfortable, and so stinking cute. I took advantage of a nice-weather playdate at the zoo and got some photos for her. I feel like I might order another when he outgrows this one. I should've asked her for some business cards to hand out, because everywhere he wore this, people complimented it. If you need one (I think everyone needs one), her shop is Sew Squirrelly Boutique on facebook. She also makes fantastic dresses.

Have you bought anything lately that you've loved, or at least liked quite a lot?

Reading:  Dumplin' by Julie Murphy

Just finished (audiobook):  The Alex Crow by Andrew Smith

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Is disclosing still a thing? If it is, let the record show that I bought everything that I talk about in this post, and haven't promised reviews to anyone. I also don't do affiliate links, so any linkage is just in case someone wants to look at what I bought. I'm nosy about other people's stuff, I figure other people might be nosy about mine.

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