Saturday, March 12, 2016

Easter baskets

It's finally the year I managed to get my Easter basket post written prior to the night before the holiday! While laying out all the stuff to take a photo last night, it occurred to me that I may have overbought yet again. Or maybe my kids just need bigger baskets.

Things each kid will receive:

three sticks of giant sidewalk chalk
six-pack of egg-shaped sidewalk chalk
four-pack of multi-color chalk sticks (they REALLY like sidewalk chalk and their stash from last year is looking pretty sad)

a set of dinosaur bone sand molds
a Hape sand brick set (SO CUTE)
a Lightning McQueen trowel
two strawberry grow kits and one sunflower grow kit

a Chuggington train (These would typically be a splurge, but I found two they didn't have yet on clearance for $2.98 each at Toys R Us last week and snuck them past Nico.)
a Lego-knockoff race car (got these in the Easter aisle at Walmart)
a metal kazoo
a pair of Easter socks

three Hershey bunnies (they like Hershey bars but I wasn't ready to commit to a huge chocolate rabbit)
a four-pack of Peeps
(I'm also planning to pick up single-sized cartons of color Goldfish)

I thought I was going to give Elliott a camping lantern and a train-themed garden gloves and apron set (Nico already has both), but then I realized I don't really have anything larger for Nico. I might decide that the window nest box is Nico's big item, though it would go on their shared playroom window. The Minion ball for the pool and kickball for the backyard will definitely be presented as shared gifts.

If you have an Easter basket post, please link me in the comments...I love seeing what everyone else has planned!

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