Saturday, July 08, 2017


Despite taking the boys to the indoor pool at the Y at least once a week since Nico was about 6 months old, I rarely take them to outdoor pools. The hassle of getting everyone coated in sunscreen plus the general hassle of wet suits and changing clothes and washing hair has never seemed worth it. But last weekend and then again today I took them to a really nice local pool to meet up with friends, and we have all loved it. The pool is in a part of town typically considered kind of iffy, so it isn't very crowded, even on Saturday afternoons. It costs $4 for the three of us to get in, there are plenty of chairs in the shade where we can stash our stuff, it has a big waterslide and a little kid splash / slide thing, and the deep end is just big enough for my kids to have fun but not big enough for me to worry about them.

Judging by today, I think we have suddenly arrived at the sweet spot of near-independent pool children. Nico spent most of his time going on the big waterslide over and over, and he's finally a confident enough swimmer that I was happy to let him go on his own to the deep side. As soon as we arrived, Elliott strapped on his puddle jumper, put on his goggles, and flung himself into the 6' end to paddle across with his brother, so I guess he's got this. Alas, he was less than half an inch too short to go on the big slide. Maybe next year, my son! We're swimming there again tomorrow, and I think I will have to take them at least once more before school starts. (Though just now I realized how few weekends are left before school starts and I OBJECT. MORE SUMMER WITH MY WATER BABIES, PLEASE.)

Reading:  Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Playing:  Remember Us to Life by Regina Spektor, especially these two tracks.

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