Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Project Runway, How You Pain Me

6:13 PM  (Geek alert!) I'm actually nervous about tonight's episode of Project Runway. Why? Because I'm worried about Laura. I LOVE Laura. I'm rooting for Michael to win the whole shebang, but I really want Laura to come in second...or at least be in the final three. And especially now that it seems clear that Dickhead Jeffrey is going to make it to Olympus Fashion Week, it's that much more important to me that Laura be there to represent.

Last week I actually closed my eyes and hid behind MB on the sofa during elimination because I was so worried about Laura. The preview for this week, along with a promo touting the question "What melts the ice princess?" have me very very concerned.

At least I won't have to sit around wringing my hands and fretting until 9 PM. Instead, I'm heading off to chai & chat and letting the VCR pick up the slack while I'm gone.

Toodles for now!

Back again

11:45 PM  History was made tonight. For the first time EVER, I completely agreed with Jeffrey, who said, "What the fuck."

Vincent & Angela given a second chance? Sweet fancy Moses. WHY?

Also, I need to express my undying love for Tim Gunn, who won my heart with this exchange:

     Tim Gunn: "I have a question. Where is your white fabric?"

     Kayne: *holds up a piece of pleather-looking stuff that had been part of a belt until Michael advised against it* "Does this count as a fabric?"

     Tim Gunn: "Oh, Jesus."


I thought the challenge was interesting, and I definitely agree with the results. Laura's dress was the best one, though Michael's wouldn't have been an unjust choice for the win. Angela's and Vincent's, predictably, were both icky. I didn't feel that Jeffrey's piece was very good (though his model, Marilinda, is without a doubt the best walker out there, with Michael's Nazri as a very close second), but unfortunately even though he's a ginormous prick, he has consistently produced better stuff than Kayne. I REALLY want to see Michael and Laura together in the final three, because I find their seemingly genuine friendship heartening and adorable. I really think Jeffrey can outperform Uli, just because she really never broke out of halter dress mode. Interestingly, the judges scolded Jeffrey for showing the same aesthetic (edgy but not elegant) with each challenge, but didn't give Uli as much of a hard time as they could've for yet another crazy print halter dress. I like Uli a lot, don't get me wrong...but I don't think there's much chance that Jeffrey's getting booted and I think Michael should win, so either Laura or Uli will have to be out.

And what's this nonsense about the final episode not happening until OCTOBER FREAKIN' 18th?? Gah!

As they showed the preview of the designers' reactions to some announcement from next week's show, MB wrested my heart back from Tim Gunn's perfectly manicured clutches with this comment:

"If those two [meaning Michael and Laura] are like 'Oh, crap!' and Jeffrey's all 'Yes!'...then Satan must be in town."

This made me laugh and laugh and laugh:

What? I never said I thrive on being classy. I totally want it as a button for my backpack.

I also love (but don't know if I'd wear):

(It says "shirt".)

These two I love and would definitely wear:

Visit One Horse Shy for more awesome shirts.

This also made me laugh and laugh, but in a slightly less immature way:

There's plenty more where this came from at Married to the Sea.

Reading: Survival of the Prettiest: the Science of Beauty by Nancy Etcoff

Playing: the Red Violin soundtrack. If you haven't seen this movie, please rent it or get it from the library. It is beautiful.


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    OH MY GOD I TOTALLY HEAR YOU and love Tim Gunn right along side with ya. I could not BELIEVE they were back, which makes me think that's why Vincent won the Mother/Sister challenge-- because they knew that would give some more drama later (and in my opinion, Uli should have won that challenge).

    As you may know from my own addiction to PR, I think it will be DEFINITELY Michael and Uli in the finals with either Jeffrey or Laura. While I prefer Laura's designs to Jeffrey's, I think he'll be in the finals. But, they all show at OFW. I have tried to steer clear from Blogging Project Runway so I don't see too much of the collections. Total spoilage! I cannot WAIT for Wednesday though!!

    Oh, do you watch Top Chef?

  2. Anonymous8:29 AM

    And thank you for sharing my disdain for Jeffrey (Dickhead Jeffrey, I believe you said...). BAH.

  3. I don't watch Top Chef, but I do like America's Next Top Model, much to MB's dismay.

    Do you read fourfour? He is HILARIOUS and was also dismayed by Asshole Jeffrey's be-spangled crotch during the jetsetter challenge, and madly in love with Tim Gunn for his "Oh, Jesus" deadpan to Kayne last week.

    I heard that they all showed at OFW, because a girl posted on a message board that I'm on...I told her to warn me before she posted any spoilers, because I don't want to know anything ahead of time!

  4. Oh, no. It's too late you ARE watching America's Next Top Model. If we didn't have such a long, zany history, I'd have to think about disowning you, Velocibadgergirl!