Friday, December 22, 2006

How Do I Love Him?

Let me count the ways.

I baked cookies for MB today, because he was really REALLY bummed when he found out that all the cookies I made last weekend at Danger's were already handed out and / or eaten. I had to go to two different grocery stores in crazy-ass traffic to get all the ingredients I needed. That, ladies and gentlemen, is love.

This shouldn't really be that big of a deal, because seriously, Toll House cookies, whoopdedoo...but for me it kind of is a big deal because other than slice-and-bake, I've actually never made cookies on my own before. LAME, right? I don't really have any good reason for never having baked by myself, and now I've done it. And it was totally easy, too, so I'll probably do it again soon.

I also met him for lunch at work today because it was my day off. Traffic was HELLACIOUS and there was an accident right in front of me and sort of because of me and it freaked me the fuck out. Basically, I stopped short of blocking an entry drive so a guy in a big SUV could turn left across my side of the highway into a parking lot. The Mac truck next to me also stopped short to let the guy turn, so he turned, and then this other SUV came flying up in the third lane (which I think is a turn lane) and they totally smashed into each other. I was two lanes over and have no idea if the second SUV was where he was supposed to be or not, so I wouldn't have made a good witness. I felt sort of like it was my fault, even though that's dumb. I sort of felt like if I'd just been an asshole and pulled up and blocked him from turning, the wreck wouldn't have happened. Gah. Sure made me feel crappy, anyhow.

I love him, but I'm still going to rat him out for this...

Because it was funny. I was reading Noames, and MB saw the drawing she'd made for a carved menorah. MB said, "What is that?" and I said, "It's plans for a menorah." He said, dead serious, "What the heck is a menorah?" So I told him...after I laughed hysterically and asked him how it was possible he'd never heard of a menorah. I swear, he's a brilliant, brilliant guy. But occasionally I wonder...

The payoff is sweet.

I still work one shift a week (or sometimes every other week) at the record store, even though I have a "real job" now. It's super easy and usually somewhat fun, and it's totally worth it to keep my employee discount, which I used today to buy four used CDs that I've been wanting, for a grand total of 22 bucks. Rock. On.

I find this insanely hilarious:

I have no idea if Mr. Kitters will actually like it, but I couldn't pass it up.

That's about all I've got...

Tomorrow morning we're leaving for MB's homeland to celebrate an early Christmas with his family. We'll be back up here Sunday for the annual Christmas Eve get-together at my aunt's, followed by present exchanging with my parents, my sister, and my sister's boyfriend and then midnight Mass with my dad. Merry Christmas, everyone! Here's a photo of the cat in the entertainment center:


          Ninja Poodles!

          Clare's Dad

          RD Mama (check out the anatomically correct gingerbread)

Reading: book 6 of Y: the Last Man

Playing: Open by the Cowboy Junkies

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