Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Still Weird

I've been tagged by the fabulous Miss M for the Six Weird Things meme that I already did. Inspired by the good sportery of the mutiply-tagged Megs, I'm going to attempt to come up with six more weird things about myself.

1. I almost never finish what I'm eating. 99% of the time, I leave at least one bite of whatever it is untouched. Sometimes I stop because I'm full, and sometimes I stop because I tend to get sick of the taste of things and need to stop eating the item or I'll start to feel like I'm going to yak. Sometimes, though, I just feel this weird compulsion to not eat the last bite. It's almost like a tic or something. Very strange. It both annoys and mystifies MB.

2. I quite frequently contruct elaborate but absurd revenge fantasies. For example, when our former upstairs neighbor, she of the trashtastic lifestyle, used to throw cigarette butts all over our yard--along with empty pop bottles, cigarette packets, and assorted toys from her kids--I daydreamed about collecting all the trash she and her many guests threw down and leaving it in her mailbox. The day I went out and collected a whole plastic shopping bag full of trash from our grass and flower beds, I had to almost physically restrain myself from hanging it on her fucking front door handle. And on the all-too-frequent occasions that our somewhat more tolerable but still weird new upstairs neighbor blasts his R&B or rap just a little too loud, I have visions of cranking up some bagpipe music as loud as I can stand one morning right after MB leaves for work at 6:15 AM. I still think fond thoughts about leaving a food-coloring-laced banana in the break room at work to ensnare the person who stole my banana nearly a year ago (and various other foodstuffs from other people through the months; we have a suspect but no proof).

3. Despite my great talent for thinking of sarcastic and mean things to do to people who wrong me, I am in reality a big huge wuss and will do almost anything to avoid confrontation or to not risk pissing the neighbors off (because they're probably way less classy than me, and they totally know where I live). I will cop to pitching a cigarette butt back up onto the upstairs neighbor's front steps a few days ago, though. I'm so sick of him dropping them onto our stoop, and on the day of the Wal-Hell / rental car incident, I snapped a little.

4. Even though we've only ever printed about 7 test photos from the thousands of digital shots we've taken over the last two years and haven't put a single one into a photo album (including our wedding photos...sorry, Mom!), I am uber paranoid about losing our pictures. Before I can bring myself to delete them from the hard drive, I have to upload them to winkflash and burn copies of them onto two separate CDs.

5. I have a skull collection, and one of the craft projects on my to-do list is "mount rabbit skeleton in a shadowbox." I display the skulls on a bookshelf in the living room. "Skull Collection" is one of my blog tags on Technorati.

Edited to add: Today I found out that the skull I thought came from a coyote (the third one) actually belonged to a red fox. Somehow, that's even spiffier. (01/13/2007)

Edited again: Today I realized that this list only has five items on it. So #6 clearly needs to be "I have trouble counting to six." (02/04/2007)

I am tagging: Anyone who sees this and hasn't been tagged yet, but wants to do the meme. If you're feeling friendly, leave me a comment with a link to the reasons that you're weird.  :)

Randomizing: Whoopee

Also, the Simian Farmer totally got caught: "Just as we finished supper...Amy turned to me with a wry expression on her face and said: "So, uh, 'BANG!', Simon." Busted."

Reading: Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. I finally got to start it today after two days of being shut out of lunchtime reading by work circumstances. When I saw in the flap copy that the last story in the book was a novella starring Shadow from the superb American Gods, I decided to read it first. It did not disappoint.

Playing: Cake

Still Smiling Because: one of the volunteers at work bought gorgeous glass Christmas ornaments for all the women on the staff. I was included, even though I've only met the giver once or twice. I got this very handsome cardinal:

He's totally not something I'd pick out for myself, but I love him.


  1. there's a certain story in there, i want to say it's called "feeders and eaters" or something similar. don't read it right before bed. i read it before i was going to go to bed, and then decided to stay up a while longer. seriously the most disturbing thing i have read in a very long time.

  2. Remember that one time? When you came to see me? And the girl child looked at all those skulls and said, "Oh! I do not like that!"

    That was the best day ever.

  3. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Excellence to you, for responding to your multiple taggings. I love that particular meme, though I get it all the time. And every time I see other peoples' lists, I think, Oh yeah! Me too! And I try to remember to save them up for next time.

  4. My old upstairs neighbour got nicknamed the yeti but I'm learning I'm lucky to not have had your upstairs neighbours. I totally would have hung it on their door and stuffed it in their mailbox (then, of course, hid in my place in abject fear of retaliation).

    Also? I have a fondness for somewhat ugly ornaments - I think those perfect trees dripping with colour themes and the like are phoney. Give me character!

    (I need to develop your photo saving habits)

  5. Yeah, it's like this one apartment is jinxed or something. The people next door are cool, and we're friends with the people upstairs from them, but I don't think anyone normal / quiet has ever lived upstairs from us.

    In a way, it's kind of nice because we don't have to worry about the once-in-a-blue-moon not-really-loud-but-maybe-a-bit-talkative parties we have, because if the upstairs neighbor complains, I can legitimately laugh in his loudass, vacuuming-at-11 PM, rap-sharing, furniture moving, balcony-hammering face.

    Tomorrow I've got to get a photo of that lampshade. :P