Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's a planet made entirely out of ice.

Okay, not really. But it sure feels that way when the furnace decides that it doesn't want to kick in and the overnight low is going to drop to about 9 degrees Fahrenheit. MB called the landlord about an hour ago and left a message basically saying, "Uh...the heater is not responding. Could you maybe send someone to check on that tomorrow?" Not fifteen minutes later, the landlord called back to see if he should bring us a space heater for the night. Never wanting to be a bother, MB told him we'd probably be okay with all of our blankets. And he's right. But it means an early bedtime for me, since my fingers are literally going numb from cold sitting out here at the computer. Bollocks. I'm glad our landlord is such a nice guy, but for serious: It is really. fucking. cold.


  1. "Now, what did I tell you the last time I was here?"

    "That Sidewinder is cold?!"

    Hehe, you know you love me for introducing that to you.

  2. I feel for you. I remember when our furnace died and they couldn't replace it for 4 days. They'd better get it fixed for you today.

  3. Why can't I have a landlord like that?

    Mine took 2 days to plow our drive then plowed in BOTH my spot and Jeff's not to mention blocking the walkway. When we called to mention it? Whatever.

    I'm sorry it was so cold. Tell MB that hypothermia is not an option and when someone OFFERS to bring a space aren't being a pain.

  4. In MB's defense, I also figured we'd be okay. And we were fine as long as we stayed in bed under a quilt, a blanket, and a down comforter. It was once we got out of the bed that things started to suck a little ;)

  5. BRRRRR. That is very nice of your landlord though! My coworkers landlord took DAYS to go fix their heater and he's got a baby.

    Lol, I'm laughing at this because I've been sleeping under a quilt and a comforter for weeks now and our furnace is working just fine (and ok, fleece PJs too)... I'm cold blooded, what can I say?

    Hope everythings already fixed by the time I'm reading this!

  6. OMG next time TAKE THE SPACE HEATER! That's what the landlord is for! I'm glad you were fine in bed but lordie getting ready outside of bed? GAH!

    What a kind landlord to give a rip. Mine would've shrugged it off no doubt then I would've had to go kung fu.

  7. Hope it's fixed by now. I also recommend hot water bottles for just about anything, but especially for keeping warm in bed.

  8. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Our heater quit for a day early this winter and it was miserable! I didn't worry about whether or not I could deal with the cold while sleeping. Our kids, however, sleep so soundly that I thought they would kick off the covers and freeze to death.