Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sexy librarian, or nerdy hipster wannabe?

MB and I went to the eye doctor today. It probably says something about my personality that I get more uptight about going to the optometrist than I do about going to the Girlie-Bits Doctor. I always get antsy during the part where they flip all the lenses down and make you choose which one looks better, one or two. I'm always like, What if I give the wrong answer? I'll have to wear crappy glasses for a whole year and it'll be all my fault! Yes, I'm a bit neurotic. Why do you ask?

Then, there's the problem of choosing frames. Apparently I have a little pygmy head, so I usually have to get my glasses from the kids' section. It's not that big of a deal most of the time, but selection is slim at the best of times at our optometrist's anyway, and even though no one would probably ever know--and even though they actually looked pretty cute on me--I just don't think I could take myself seriously ever again if I bought a pair of Bratz frames. After all, nothing says "savvy professional woman" like wearing a pair of glasses made for an eight-year-old girl and marketed by the company that makes those alarming semi-hoochie big-eyed dolls.

Complicating matters is the fact that I tend to find one thing that works for me and then cling to it for years. (See also my irrational fear of getting my hair cut off.) For nearly ten years, I've been getting small, simple wire frames, and for the last six years or so, I've been going with plain silver. So, of course, there were no silver frames to choose from, and most of the wire frames were too big or just weirdly shaped. Right off, MB brought me these:

I tried them on and liked them, but I'm really not sure I'll be able to pull them off. The lab tech is going to order them in chocolate brown so I can see if I like that color better, because I wasn't totally sold on the tortoise-shell colored ones they had in stock. I'm just terrified they'll make me look like the world's biggest tool and I won't notice until I'm looking at pictures five years from now. That's sort of how I feel when I look at pictures of myself in my first pair of glasses (which, incidentally, were also plastic and sort of clunky). I was eleven then and didn't know better. Now I usually do know better, but I still have no idea if this is a good move. Of course, if I hate them, it's not like I'm getting a freaking tattoo or something. They're glasses. They come off. But I'd hate to have to go spend more money just because the universe asked "One or two?" and I picked one when I should've said two.

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  1. i'm so with you on the "which is better, one or two" hatred. i'm pretty sure i have screwed that up before...maybe. thankfully, they didn't do that to me the last time.

    at least you get to pick out your own frames. because they always have to dialate mom's pupils, she can't see crap and we end up picking frames for her. there have been a few times she wasn't thrilled about them later, although nothing like a certain ex-roomie of ours and the naked lady glasses.

    my first frames were giant and gold, but i maintain this was a sign of the times, not a horrible lack of taste on my part. i also think that was the last time my monster head fit in children's frames. i have to get the unisex, because the women's are too small.

  2. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Glasses are harder to buy than bras. Seriously. I also freak out at eye tests (mainly because my bloody eyesight gets worse everytime I go, no fun.) and choosing glasses? Death.

    I always did want to look like those sexy ladies in the optometrist shop ads - very sleek and smooth and business like with their tiny black glasses. Me? I just look like my face is trying to swallow them whole.

    Hence my contacts. I love them. Lots.

    (Those glasses look sexy though. I would definitely go with them, and I'm sure the brown will be lovely!)

  3. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Count me in the paranoid-about-the-eye-doctor club. With the girly parts doctor, it's up to THEM to decide if all looks normal. With the eye doctor if you give the wrong answer, you're stuck with headaches and crappy glasses for god knows HOW long.

    I also carry a large grudge against the optomitrist at Wal Mart in Goshen, IN for selling me a pair of glasses that I didn't actually need. Turns out I was having headaches due to my sinuses rather than my eyes. Does it seem a bit strange to you that people who DECIDE whether or not you need glasses also get to SELL them to you?

  4. I don't think you're going to look like a tool in those. I think you are going to look fantastic in the chocolate brown ones.

    Why you ask? Because I've met you...TWICE even and I'm an expert and I can say I think you're going to look great.

    Must email me a picture when you get them in.

  5. I love them. LOVE THEM. You can totally pull it off.

  6. So love those. that's the style i always wore until this last year. i hate my wire rimmed things and cannot WAIT to be permitted to get new plastic librarian dorktacular glasses. you'll look fab! xoxo

  7. I snicker, in my purple-glasses-from-the-kids-section... and I'm laughing because I worry about THE SAME THING at the optometrist.

  8. Anonymous10:19 PM

    That reminds me...it's time to have my eyes checked and get new glasses. I'm totally serious.

  9. They look just like my new ones! And I love my new ones, as you know. I never wore glasses full time until I got them. Now when I take them off, it's like I don't recognize myself. I think it's a very forgiving style--makes everyone look hip without looking like you're trying too hard.

  10. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Sometimes I totally think the doctor's trying to trick me by showing the same thing twice with the whole 1-2 thing. And have you ever noticed -- they're completely okay with you saying that they look the same. Then they're like, "well how about this...1-2." and then there's a definite difference.