Friday, March 09, 2007

Make Way for Puppies!

The day that I was saving a crib from the landfill, my parents were saving something a lot more precious and a lot more fun:

They rounded up these five little guys out in front of the house on Wednesday, after they found them wandering around in the flowerbeds, running across the street, and scrounging for food in a nearby alley.

There are two boys and three nearly-identical girls. Mom and Little Sis have named them already.

Streak & Boss (the boys) and Lady & Midi (I think)

The old dogs, ages 14 and 10, say, "Oy...these young whippersnappers!" and "Raising puppies? At our age? Ha!"

Mom and Dad put a "found" ad in the paper, and it'll run until Sunday, but they're not really expecting anyone to call. Five mouths to feed was apparently too much trouble for someone. Mom is planning to keep Streak and Lady, but living in the city--with two big dogs already--they can't keep all five. These three will have to go to the shelter if we can't find homes for them:

Boss times 2

Babi, the smallest  &  Midi, the middle child

Did you hear that sound, just now? Like pieces of glass tinkling gently to the floor? That was my heart breaking into a thousand pieces at the thought that these darling little lives might be snuffed out simply because someone was careless and left them to fend for themselves.

So tonight, please cross your fingers or say a little prayer or send out some hope that we can find three homes for three beautiful babies. And next time it's your turn to find a dog to warm your heart, please please consider a shelter dog. There are so many out there with so much love to give.

3/13/07--Edited to Add:

The original owners turned up; they live across the street and down a few houses. They still want to find homes for all the puppies, and when Mom asked if there was a deadline for when the puppies had to be adopted or they'd go to the pound, the owner said no. Mom kept Lady, now renamed Maggie. Dad vetoed keeping two, but I think Mom's still hoping she'll be able to go back for Streak. I'm offering not-so-subtle hints and suggestions toward that end whenever I get a chance.

The puppies are 2 months old, and we also found out the parentage--the father is a German shepherd and the mother is Australian shepherd / Border collie. I said, "Mom, that's one clever dog you've found for yourself." She bragged that she got the smartest of the bunch. Not that she's biased or anything.

MB and I went over to the house for a little bit and there were puppy accoutrements everywhere--toys, books, a freestanding pet pen thingie that can be moved around the house, etc. etc. etc. I think maybe Mom's empty-nesting a bit with miss Maggie. But that's okay, because Maggie's a total heartbreaker.

I'm still hoping that Dad will give in and let Mom get Streak, too.


  1. those are the most adorable pups. if we didn't already have 4 hand-me-down dogs, i'd take one. actually we coud probably find room for one more, but not that size. i think they're already bigger than our inside dogs, and the only reason my mom agreed to having one outside dog is that they weren't going to take him to the shelter, just have him put down.

    i hope your family can find them homes, although i imagine that being so young they wouldn't last too long at the shelter before somebody took them.

  2. I have two shelter dogs myself and I'd love to have more. To me, dogs are love's most precious gift.

    But Thomas says no. He says our dogs are very old and should be able to enjoy this phase of their life without trauma.


  3. Those beautiful babies! I'd absolutely take one (or five) if I could. :(

  4. Its appalling that anyone thinks abandoning animals is an appropriate thing to do.

  5. Anonymous5:23 AM

    They are utterly gorgeous...

  6. Oh they are so cute! Man if I weren't a gagillion miles away and already have a full house looking after two shelter cats and two very, very big dogs... They really are beautiful. Hope your parents find good homes for them (are there no kill shelters in your area?) and do tell your parents that the internets do think they're awesome for taking them in.

    P.S. Does no one listen to Bob Barker about spaying and neutering! Gah!

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I hope they have no-kill shelters where you live.

    You write well.


  8. OMG THANK YOU!!! Owning the best shelter dog on the planet has caused me to start a personal crusade about not only shelter adoption but spaying and neutering your pups. I spent $100 to adopt Ginger (which included her spay) and that is the best money I've ever spent in my entire LIFE. I love that dog more than I ever thought possible.

  9. ...If only we weren't allergic...

  10. Evilducky774:42 PM

    Oh man, the patchy looking one is SO CUTE! I wish I could have him. . .

  11. Evilducky7711:59 AM

    One of my coworkers just had 2 of her dogs lost/stolen. So if she does not get them back she might be interested in one (or 2) of these. I'll let you know.