Monday, March 12, 2007

Who rocks the partay, rocks the partay?

Brown Eyed Girl rocks the partay, rocks the partay. Why? Because she sent me a package in the mail. And inside I found two packages of Dots. Best of all, stuck to the Dots was a note that said, "Now the next time you get a taste for them, MB won't have to run to 10 places." Brown-Eyed Girl, you kick ass. Not only did the note make me laugh and laugh, but I've had a fierce Dots craving for three days running. Word up, homie. WORD UP.

This made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my Fruity Cheerios, especially during the flailing (thanks to Tamsyn for the original link):

And now, for more clutter busting!

I'm slowly (so slowly) working my way through the piles of clutter we've accumulated over the last few years, working toward the goal of a more simplified, less stuff-clogged living space and life. Last week, I spent an evening going through old clothes and pulling out stuff that no longer fits or that I just don't wear / like. I gave my sister two huge shopping bags full of stuff, and I still have a carryon suitcase full of things that have to go. Inspired by Fussy, once again, I decided to take some photos to memorialize things that I have fond feelings toward, but that I probably won't ever wear again, so I'll be able to get rid of them without losing the memories.

First, my tie-dyed shirts:

From April - November 2004, I worked at a state historic site where my boss was somewhat lenient about the dress code. We had four weeks of day camp that summer, and each week we tie-dyed shirts with the kids. Each week, I made a few shirts, and they more or less became my uniform for the rest of the season. They're a bit too small for the boobage these days, and my dress code is a little more strict anyway, so I've pulled them out of the closet. Even after photographing them, I couldn't bear to part with them, so I bent the rules a little and put them into a box with a few other things that are too cool to get rid of, just in case I have a rad kid someday who wants to wear them. Besides, the two in the last set of pictures are probably the best tie-dyed shirts I've ever made, and the rainbow one hasn't even been washed yet! Click each picture to get a better look at the patterns. You'll note that I managed to totally dodge the too-oft-occurring tragedy of tie-dye circles in the tata region, which is always embarrassing for a girl. I was quite, quite careful with my rubberband placement. Huzzah!

Then, another pair of beloved but battered size 9 hiphugger jeans:

Since these are only torn a little at the knees and at the bottoms of the hip pockets, I'll probably toss them in the Goodwill box. My mom would be horrified, but my sister's boyfriend's brother just spent $200 on a pair of pre-ripped designer jeans, so I figure someone might get some use out of these. Lord knows my ass will never fit into them again.

Speaking of never fitting again:

I can't believe my boobs ever fit into this comparatively wee bra (comparative to now, anyway). And, the funniest boob / bra post EVER EVER EVER:  A Potted History of My Tits by Antonia of Whoopee. Not really safe for work, but so very funny.

I'm not particularly sentimental about these, but they are pretty:

They never quite fit properly, because the sleeves are sort of skinny, and I've never had small upper arms. Back in the day, they were somewhat muscular from all the Taekwondo badassery, and now they're just sort of thick. It's an all-too-common trend in girls' clothes in general, I think--the tendency to forget that some girls do actually have muscles. Too bad, because the shirts are cute.

Of all the shirts, I think I'm most wistful about this one:

Love the cut, love the color. It's a 3/4 sleeve shirt, which sort of makes it look--in this photo, anyway--like it's made for T-Rex arms. (I'm trying to pass the potatoes!) That just intensifies my affection. Alas, it's too short now.

Cue music...

Is it wrong to drool over a boy who weighs less than my right leg?

Ah, high school:

Is it legal to be this sexy whilst singing?

Some DMB love:


  1. when i was recently buying a nice shirt to wear with slacks for job interviews i might have had, but haven't yet, i bought a 3/4 length sleeved one. it's a lot of trouble to have cuffed sleeves altered, and 3/4 generally come just to my wrist. damned t-rex arms.

  2. Happy BIRTHDAY!

    Glad you liked the dots!

  3. I might be more in love with Eddie Vedder than any other musician.

    I know it seems daunting, but it's really cleansing when you're done purging your stuff. Truly. When we moved, I swear we donated and threw away half of what we owned, and it feels so good to live in a (mostly) clutter-free place. Keep at it! We lived in our place for three years, also. You'd be surprised how much crap you find.

    Your tie-dye is awesome!

  4. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Mmmm, Dots.

    I also have problems throwing out clothes that have sentimental value, even if it's clear that the size of my chest (especially after having a child) is going to prohibit me from ever wearing them again. Tie Dye shirts would make a wicked patchwork bag!

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Tie died shirts would also make an awesome patchwork quilt if you had enough of them.

    Also, if you have anything that might fit me, let me know before it goes to goodwill! :) I just took a bigass bag of clothes there myself, but none of yalls want my too-small-for-even-me shit.

  6. Looks like you got that music site working for you again.

    And yes, tiny guy from Incubus is hott...but I kinda have a thing for wispy, intelligent guys...

    I've never had any luck in tie-dyeing, or in cleaning for that matter, so I'm kinda jealous of your proficiency. But if they don't fit you, we'd hafta take two, cut them in half, sew them together, and maybe, just maybe, they'd fit my fat ass (or the rest of my fatness ;)).

    Oh, and happy growing older day. Seriously, do we need to do something about this??

  7. I think Danger and I are going to do a co-party of some kind in early April? Something like that.

    And evilducky, I'm bringing the suitcase of clothes to Teacher Incognito's craft party on Saturday. I don't know if I have anything that will fit anybody, but I figure it's worth a try.

  8. I am so with you on the de-cluttering boat, and spent a few days in January just pitching but with us moving relatively soon and getting ready to sell the current place the focus has been on paint, drywall, and cement patch, so by the time I'm sick of those it'll be time for another round of "toss our crap" (well, give it away to charity).

  9. When we moved here from our last apartment, I wanted to de-clutter and purge before we packed, but MB wanted to just throw everything in boxes and purge as we unpacked.

    Guess how well that worked out...

    There are still boxes in our closet that haven't been touched in three years, and things that are still missing that I know must be in this apartment somewhere.

    With the next move, I'm standing my ground ;)

  10. Anonymous11:26 PM

    No, no, no. Lusting is never bad.

  11. Anonymous3:18 AM

    I do not know what these "dots" are you speak of! Must know!

    Mmm. Brandon. He could be a GREAT birthday present wrapped up in a bow. (And nothing else.)

  12. All I can think re:Hamster is... that is one scary carpet. And wtf is up with the reddish-brown stain in the lino?