Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Widgets Make Good Party Favors

I totally stole this from Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing. See? This blog party thing is already paying off!

Because I'm a sucker for really intricate web widgets, I took screen shots of each page of my Visual DNA book. I feel like this is another way I can do a "get to know me" type post for the party.

DREAMER: Always drifting off, their imagination takes control. They have big ideas, and a cool calm manner.

No arguments from me!

CONQUEROR: They are full of ambition and energy--cavalier and always moving onto the next level.

Hmmm...I don't think that "cavalier" (haughty, disdainful, or supercilious) really describes me very well. I think I'm more of a mix between Escape Artist and Thriller:

ESCAPE ARTIST: They are forever slipping off, getting away from the rat race, and recharging those batteries. Independent, and thoughtful--they know themselves well.

THRILLER: They can make the best of any situation--always a lot of fun to be around. They love to laugh, and have a bit of a naughty side.

HIGH TIME ROLLER: They are only seen in the best, and the finest, they love top quality, high-end glamour. Always adding a touch of sophistication to the proceedings.

This one is really off the mark. I have a feeling my choice of bedroom probably threw it off. Or something. Anyway, I'm pretty confident that this is me instead:

BACK TO BASICS: They are striving for a simpler life, they do without disposable trends--they are inspired by nature and longevity.

LOVE BUG: They are the type to fall in love a thousand times a day. Their feelings snowball quickly, and they are full of passion.

I can see this one applying to me as long as the love in question isn't solely romantic. As far as romantic love goes, I've only been in love once--with MB. As for loving lots of things and lots of people easily and quickly, however, that's me through and through.

I also think I have a touch of the Home Soul:

HOME SOUL: Their heart is always at their nest, they place real importance on friendships. They are family minded, and forge strong relationships.

Reading: Garbage land : on the secret trail of trash by Elizabeth Royte,
Skulls and bones : a guide to the skeletal structures and behavior of North American mammals
by Glenn Searfoss

Playing: Show Your Bones by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Click over to their MySpace to hear "Phenomenon," of the most kickass tracks I've heard in some time. (Sorry...the little stream-a-song blog widget site is down tonight. Bollocks.)

Thrift Store Love:

Item: Sue hand puppet
Store: my favorite Goodwill
Price: 50 cents

I didn't realize this was a Sue puppet until I got it out of the dryer tonight. My amusement was heightened by the fact that I was already drinking milk out of this mug when I made the discovery:

While I was poking around on the Sue Shop website, I came across this book, which is very good and not too blah-blah-science-blah.

Finding that reminded me of the last time I was at the Field Museum, and the supercool book that I bought during that visit: The Skull Alphabet Book

OK, time to stop adding stuff! Hope you like the widgety goodness!


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Yeah...we're all about the dinosaurs at this house.

  2. I loved that DNA thing. Do you find it odd we aren't the same on any of those?

    I thought we were a little alike that's why we have such a good time together.

    It must just be that we love to talk, huh?

    Love the Sue stuff...

  3. I love the puppet. :)