Monday, March 10, 2008

album cover

I lifted this meme from Blogapotamus Rex back in February, but just now figured out how to put it all together.

1. Go to the Wikipedia random article generator and note the title of the randomly selected article. This is your band name.

2. Similarly, go to this random quotation page and note the last four words of the last quotation. This is your album title.

3. Now to Flickr’s interesting photos feature. Download (or screengrab if necessary) the third picture. This is your album cover picture.

4. Now put the whole lot together in the photo/graphics application of your choice.

If you want, you can also make up some stuff about your imaginary band:

AIS Arena stormed onto the rock scene with their explosive 2000 debut, A Flock of Goats. Compared by some critics to early Led Zeppelin, their drum-driven sound and searing guitar riffs catapulted the album to the top of the charts, carried by two back-to-back number one singles, "Must Be Led" and "Jacket Eater." Unfortunately, the young band would soon be torn apart by internal conflict, as lead singer Chad Marsden's insistence on constant touring frustrated his compatriots.

Marsden found modest success touring with his second band, Smuggler's Row. Bassist Damian Brooks left the music business and attended Columbia Law School. Drummer Jody Hawley parleyed a reputation as one of rock's best lovers into a jet-setting stint as arm candy for every socialite in LA, before marrying actress Juliette Devereaux, ten years his senior and one of old Hollywood's last royals. They now live at her family's ancestral estate in France with their three children. Virtuoso guitarist Hunter Bristow is now a respected session musician, and lives in Santa Monica with his wife Mercedes.

(details borrowed / embellished from a short story I started in college and never finished)


  1. I can't wait to do this when I get home. Lots of fun. Great narrative about your band! :P

  2. Neat, let's see here...

    Band Name: People's Representative Council
    Album: Fact, They Do So
    Art: Here (My image editing skills are kinda nonexistent right now).