Wednesday, March 12, 2008

... of the Day

Mystery of the day:  why are the gmail bots offering me a daily email column from Ann Coulter? Do they not see all the commie pinko green liberal feminist stuff I talk about with my commie pinko green liberal feminist friends in my inbox? Hey, Ann Coulter...see you next tuesday. For realz. (ETA:  as of 7:30 on Thursday morning, the bots have given up on Ann Coulter and are now offering me angry liberal greeting cards. That's more like it.)

Poetic words of the day, lifted from a 6/19/2003 journal entry:  "Plums, though enticing, stain the sheets. The same is true for chocolate, which is also cliché and overdone."

Funny of the day:


  1. Ann Coulter is the DEVIL!!

  2. i gave my stepdad an ann coulter doll that says 6 phrases. he's supah conservative and even he thinks shes an idiot.

  3. those angry liberal cards are awesome, though.