Sunday, November 02, 2008

City Dog on Safari

As promised, MB and Indy and I had a short camping adventure this weekend. It was our annual trip with MB's friend Mr. Muskrat and his wife, but instead of going to our usual place, we camped out on the Muskrats' property. They have 20 acres, most of it wooded. It was fantabulous. The weather was PERFECT, even at times a little bit warm for the first weekend of November. The spot was ideal -- flat, secluded, quiet, surrounded by trees. The leaves were all gold and orange and red and gorgeous.

Indy had a really REALLY good time. He didn't mind being on his tether:

He didn't mind going into the tent:

He had fun facing off with the Muskrats' cat Roscoe at the woodpile:

After setting up camp but before dinner, I took a short knitting break:

And Indy took a short chewing-on-lion break:

"Now this...this is a stick."

"It's all mine!"

Dinner was steak for the guys and chicken for the girls, and Indy got quite a few bites of both. As you can imagine, he was ridiculously pleased with his lot in life. It was pretty chilly once we went to bed, and then one of the Muskrats' cats decided to climb up the outside of our tent, but Indy stayed curled up in the back of the tent beside MB all night. Just about everyone in camp got up to pee at 4 AM, and after that Indy slept in the front of the tent by me. He was a little restless, but he never tried to make a break for it, which I greatly appreciated.

In the morning, we took a little walk down the dry creek bed and then headed up to the house for breakfast and the trip home. A very good time was had by all!

Indiana Bones, champion hiker:

Striking a heroic pose:


  1. Fall leaves! Oh, how I miss fall leaves! Everything in Kathmandu seems to want to stay stubbornly green, forever!

  2. I miss fall leaves as well! It's spring Down Under and I'm still getting used to the seasonal reversal.

    Thanks for the link of that stupid cat picture and your comment. Hope to see you back on my site!

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I haven't camped in SO long..looks like an awesome time.