Monday, November 17, 2008

I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using

I have blogged before about my dear friend the Untamed Shrew and her tendency to send mindblowing and strangely practical gifts. (MB has been using the measuring cup to make pancakes, complete with announcements such as "I'm putting in the volume of two T-Rex brains.")

Tonight when I got home from work, there was a very early Christmas present waiting for me, from the Untamed Shrew.

(Before we start, let me admit up front that these photos are awful. I just gave back the semi-swanky camera I borrowed from BoMB back in September, and I am still working to get my mojo back with my little Olympus point-and-shoot.)

GIFT #1:  little homemade notebook illustrated with antique Marcus Bloch fish engravings.

LEFT:  cover, with birds, flower, and sparkly thing

CENTER:  the blowfish at the top says "d00d i 8 2 mucth"
and the Mola mola at the bottom says "nom lol"

RIGHT:  "DO NOT CLONE THESE. You can just pull
an arm off and it will grow into a whole new one."

LEFT:  "hey floating text"

CENTER:  "Fish dentistry: Get in on the ground floor of this
fast-growing healthcare career."


GIFT #2:

GIFT #3:

The wrappings in Untamed Shrew gifts are nearly always exquisite.

There was actually a fourth gift in the box, but it's so pretty that I think I'm going to save it for a few days:

Many, many, many thanks to the Untamed Shrew! Kisses!

And to prove that I don't always suck at photography, I'm entering this picture in Greeblemonkey's November photo contest:


  1. She really is remarkable, no? :)

  2. Untamed Shrew2:38 PM

    d00d you wrote 2 much! I'm so glad they got there.

    Note 1: the "You can just pull an arm off" page is from

    Note 2: "I wonder if they're using the same wind we are" is *not* in the book.

    Note 3: I'm so glad it got there! Oh, I already said that.

    note 4: If you don't wash the potato guns they get *disgusting.* Mold all over the inside. Eeyuck. Enjoy!


  3. I will sell you one of my kids for that potato gun. And they are cute, very cute. And kind of mouthy. And they eat a lot.
    Just give me the potato gun.

  4. I'm drooling over that princess bride map.