Friday, October 13, 2006

Half-Assed Reality Show Recaps

America's Next Top Model

I haven't watched this week's yet, but I watched last week's. I'm really, really starting to like AJ. Michelle and Amanda's photos continue to be stunning, but they both have the most gangly walks. Even though she won the first catwalk challenge, I still think Melrose's walk is ridiculous. I was sooo glad to see bitchy Monique go home. I really thought that tippy catwalk was a little extreme, though. Someone could've actually been hurt. I sort of felt the same way about them having the girls walk in heels on the cobblestone patio. If one of them had broken an ankle, that would've been some crap.

Project Runway--the Reunion

Vincent = TOOLIO TOOLIO TOOL. Crazy ass tool.

Keith = a bigger ass than EVER before. "It wasn't in the contract. Oh, wait. The books magically reappeared in my room. Uncomfortable, isn't it?" What-the-fuck-ever. Best related quote: "Tim asks Keith if he thinks the outcome was fair, and he says that we can see in face and eyes that he's upset. ["Which we couldn't, really, because he's a sociopath, but okay, Keith." -- Sars]" (Television Without Pity)

Laura & Heidi were just about the cutest pair of pregnant ladies in the universe.

I loved the portions where they'd show clips of people saying a certain phrase or whatever. Laura's was "serious ugly," Robert's was "boring." Tim's "big words" thing was funny, but I was a bit concerned about the designers. I'll grant that I didn't know what faux bois meant, but caucus? consternation? Dude, please. Laura went to Columbia. I hope she at least was unfazed.

I think the best part of the entire reunion show might've been the Bradley clip segment, aptly titled "????" and showing him making odd noises. I love Bradley.

Also, Michael won the Fan Favorite contest, so all was right with the world for the week.

Project Runway--Finale, Part One

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole scandal that's brewing. I heard rumors ahead of time that Jeffrey was going to be accused of outsourcing some of his work. Knowing that, I could sort of see how they chose certain shots to amp up the showing Laura's reaction to watching Jeffrey pull out his pieces, and watching Jeffrey hunting "suspiciously" for his receipts. I'm a dork, so I've actually been thinking over this episode since I watched it. Here's what I've come up with. I figure there are a few options:

          (1) Jeffrey cheated.
               (A) His receipts will prove without a doubt that he cheated.
                    (i) Jeffrey's an idiot for not paying cash and destroying the evidence. He deserves to be disqualified.
               (B) His receipts show nothing.
                    (i) Jeffrey deserves to be disqualified, but shouldn't be, because there is no proof.

          (2) Jeffrey didn't cheat.
               (A) His receipts are not in order because he lost a few.
                    (i)If Jeffrey is disqualified because of suspicion of cheating + receipts not in order...he should've been more careful, knowing that the show would be collecting the receipts. BUT I don't feel like this is definitive proof of him cheating.
               (B) Nothing is proven.
                    (i) Jeffrey stays in, but only after the show tries to stir up as much drama as possible.

The preview clip clearly was trying to indicate that something bad happens. Tim Gunn mentioned investigation and said, "but unfortunately..." and then they cut to Jeffrey crying on Uli's shoulder.

Someone I know said that she feels like Jeffrey's reaction didn't indicate guilt. She pointed out that he's usually more cocky and fuck-you about the stuff he does. He seemed genuinely shocked and upset by the accusations. Then again, so did Keith, and he was obviously in the wrong.

I feel like he should not be disqualified unless there is incontrovertible evidence against him. If there is anything less than that, then it's too much of a risk. I don't like Jeffrey, but I know that if I was accused of lying or cheating and didn't, I would be completely outraged. Also, I know it's just a TV show and who cares, but for the people on the show, it's not just a show. It's a big damn deal.

All that said, I don't think badly of Laura for making the accusation. She seemed to really believe something fishy was going on, rather than shit-stirring just for the sake of shit-stirring.

I'm interested to see how it all plays out.

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