Saturday, March 03, 2007


I took these first two pictures on Friday, after I finished one of the de-cluttering projects I'd been meaning to tackle for at least a year. I went through the drawer of receipts that MB has been amassing pretty much since we moved into this apartment in May of 2004 (he keeps them in case we need them, but never takes the time to weed them out periodically). I clicked over to Swistle and saw that she's documenting her own clutter-busting project, and it reminded me that I'd taken drawer pictures, so here goes:

I know the second picture doesn't appear to show much change, but if you look closely, I'm hoping it'll be obvious that the once-overflowing drawer now contains only a thin layer of 2007 receipts.

Swistle is advocating ten-minute projects, but this one took about 4 hours, maybe a bit more. I worked on it for a little over an hour on Thursday morning, then worked on it all through The Devil Wears Prada and through most of Hoot yesterday afternoon. I knew it took a lot of receipts to fill an entire dresser drawer, but shredded along with about two dozen pre-approved credit card applications, they filled up an entire trash bag. Not a little white 13 gallon one, either--one of the big black lawn-bag sized ones. Yikes. I'm hoping against hope that Danger and her mom will be able to use it to help make compost for the lasagna garden they're starting this spring / summer.

After I finished the drawer project, I finally got my ass in gear and printed out the forms from the Direct Marketing Association that should take both MB and me off of junk mailing lists. It costs $1 per name, but I figure it'll be well worth it, both for our clutter level and for reducing the amount of waste we generate. I also filled out the free online form for opting out of pre-screened credit card offers for five years. Man, that will be nice.

Decided lack of appropriate segue...

Evilducky gave me this awesome hat the other night, and since she hasn't got her own blog fully up and running yet, I'm going to post its picture here, in celebration of its fantabulousness.


MB and I saw The Holiday this evening, and we both liked it very much. I heart Kate Winslet and Eli Wallach. I heart them hinty billion.

And last, but not least...

Kitters really, really loves bread.


  1. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Oooh.. I love the hat AND the cat. ;)

  2. That cat is one smart woobie. I love bread as well.

  3. That adorable.

    I do not believe I have any 10 minute projects.

    I did get something done this weekend..but clearly not enough because my still a pit.

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Glad you like the hat I designed for you! :) I'm halfway through knitting the Eagle one for Danger. . .its turning out supercute, too.